Gigabyte to launch X38 motherboards

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Gigabyte India will introduce its GA-X38T-DQ6 and GA-X38-DQ6 motherboards to

its channel in September, 2007. A sneak preview of these two products was given

at the recently held Computex in Taiwan.


Gigabyte's new Intel Bearlike chipset for the desktop will be its prime focus

this quarter. These include P35, G35, G33, G31 and X38. “We have improved the

performance on our motherboards because it simply makes more business sense.

Better products mean lower return merchandise authorizations (RMAs), which save

us money in post-sales support,” said Tim Handley, Deputy Marketing Manager,

Gigabyte United.

Usually the hottest area on a motherboard is the area surrounding the CPU.

Due to high heat, the perfor­mance of the system is affected and it also makes

the PCB brittle enough to break. Gigabyte has devised a way to attack this heat

to make the mobo cooler by almost 30 degrees.

“Also, we have noticed that a lot of users in countries like India do not

have an air conditioner and work in dusty environments which is why these cooler

motherboards will reduce heat-related problems,” Handley explained.

A sneak preview of

GA-X38T-DQ6 and GA-X38-DQ6 motherboards which were on display at the

recently held Computex in Taiwan

Another key feature is the fanless motherboards that the company has designed

with no moving parts.

Gigabyte expects a good uptake of its mobos and VGA cards in the OND quarter

of 2007. This optimism is largely banked on the growing adoption of Microsoft

Vista. Microsoft had announced the OEM version of Vista nine months ago and the

end-user version has been out for seven months.

To help the Indian channel to take this expected success story ahead,

Gigabyte would be coming out with reward programs for the best performing

partners. This could include prizes that range from a mobile to a mobike.