Gigabyte sets up India's first R&D center at Goa

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Gigabyte Technology is setting up India

Gigabyte Technology is setting up India's first R&D center at Goa. Announcing this new development at an IT meet, Richard Ma, Executive VP, Gigabyte Technology said that the company is planning to make India as one of the hubs for its APAC operations.

The R&D center will initially manufacture products for the domestic consumption and will then gradually host global operations. Speaking about the growth rate of Indian market, Richard said, “A year ago, we saw great potential in the Indian market and hence tied up with D-link for distribution of Gigabyte products.”

Along with the announcement of this new R&D center, Gigabyte also launched several new products. The new range of products include optical drives, LCD monitors, mouse, keyboard, flash drive and wide screen laptop based on Intel Napa platform. Besides this, the vendor also plans to launch low cost PCs, networked PCs, small business servers, PDA smart phones and entertainment PCs based on media center platform in the next few months.

When asked whether Gigabyte is planning to develop their individual channel network in India, Richard said, “Right now, we plan to distribute our products though D-link's channel network only. But in the future, we might think of forming our own channels for some specific products like PDAs.”

Gigabyte has always been associated as a motherboard company. But of late, with the launch of several new products, the company seems to be changing its focus to the mobile devices.

About this, Richard said, “We believe in going with the market trend. Since there is a huge demand for the mobile devices in the market, we thought of venturing into this area.” When asked that how will the company change its impression from a motherboard company to a vendor with multiple products, Richard said, “We will invest new resources for our new products. Right now, we are on our way of understanding the market for the products we have launched. Based on the response we get, we will base our marketing strategies accordingly.” With the launch of several new products, Gigabyte seems to follow their age-old concept of understanding the market demand and response.