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Shripal Gandhi, founder and CEO, Swipe Technologies

Home is in: Pune


School/college: University Department of Chemical technology (UDCT), University of California, Riverside (UCR), USA

Company: Swipe Technologies Pvt Ltd

Family: My wife Richa and my parents


I would like to be reborn as: Steve Jobs

Most memorable event of my life: The launch of Swipe Technologies

With my first pay cheque: Saved it for a rainy day


Idol in life: Mahaveer

Can't live without: My MacBook and Swipe MTV Slate

Favorite Gadget: Rado Titanium


Favorite book: The Warren Buffet Way

Work-out regime: Cardio thrice a week, circuit training twice a week

Hobby: Reading


Favorite holiday destination: California (Monterey bay)

Favorite food: Thai Cuisine

I can't stand: Procrastination


Social Media preference: Twitter

Best compliment I ever received: That I am a Serial Entrepreneur

Car I drive: Skoda


Motto in life: One life to live, let’s give the best, get the best and enjoy the best!

Advice to budding entrepreneurs: Take calculated risks. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Eventually we have only one life to live so don’t live the life of regrets or compromises.

Like to watch on Television: CNBC

The cause I care for: Bringing the internet to every Indian via affordable Smartdevices

One thing I would like to change in myself: I am too passionate about work

5 years down the line I would be: At Swipe, which by then would be one of the top 3 Indian mobile technology players in India

If not in the IT industry, I would be: An Inspirational Trainer!

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