Godaddy Announces Online Security Awareness Program For Small Businesses

GoDaddy announced the launch of an Online Security Awareness Program for the months of November and December. As part of the initiative, GoDaddy will engage with small businesses through online and offline channels to highlight the importance of creating a secure online identity that can help boost trust and satisfaction with customers, along with new product offers.

The Online Security Awareness Program features the launch of Premium Website Security powered by Sucuri and TrustedSite services. To further encourage small businesses to secure their websites, GoDaddy is offering a 40% discount on all security solutions that customers can take advantage of until December 15, 2017.

Over the next two months, GoDaddy will also engage with its partners and customers to raise awareness regarding website security, as a part of its Customer Engagement Program. The Customer Engagement Program is built on core principles of partnering with customers to deliver awesome experiences.

The program serves as an advisory council to facilitate feedback, in order to help better meet customer needs. GoDaddy continues to use the Engagement Program to engage with customers to better understand barriers to security adoption, and provide educational resources for security-related topics.

“Today, growing internet adoption and digitization of business assets have enabled small businesses to grow but have also made them vulnerable to cyber-attacks. With this context, providing a secure website and gaining the trust of online customers is vital to the success of small businesses today. GoDaddy will help educate small businesses about the benefits of protecting their websites and the customer impact. Our easy to use, new security solutions and special offers can help overcome the barriers to adoption,” said Nikhil Arora, Vice-President and Managing Director, GoDaddy India.

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