Goomo Acquires Wagonbee

Goomo has acquired WagonBee. It was established by ex-NIT Trichy graduates Vikash Singh and Navneet Misra in 2016. WagonBee is a B2B car rental marketplace for travel agents and suppliers, enabling them to rent a vehicle of their choice from over 5,000 registered vehicles ranging from hatchbacks and sedans to luxury coaches and buses, provided by 350+ verified vendors.

WagonBee is present in over 40 cities across India with nearly 8,000 itineraries and connections. The company allows travel agents and businesses to easily sign up on the rental marketplace through the web, app or email, just by providing some basic personal and company information.

Customers can then view competitive quotes, and avail the best pricing for their trip on the platform itself which serves as a single point through which information such as details of the vehicle, driver, booking confirmation, etc can be accessed. In addition, customers get access to a 24×7 support helpline to address their queries or seek clarifications on booking details.

Travel businesses across India are increasingly recognizing the lucrative opportunity presented by the car rental segment.

Currently, only 10 percent of the car rental market in the country is organised, while the remaining 90% is an unorganized market waiting to be tapped via technology-driven solutions.

Goomo will leverage this acquisition to facilitate greater ease and support for its travel partners, both online and offline, thereby driving increased customer satisfaction on its platform.

In a similar move, Goomo had earlier acquired Zopky. Over the last 12 months, the company has set up its online platform, created new products, acquired customers and established a robust partner network.

Goomo is also investing considerably in technology to streamline and automate the online booking process, provide white label solutions to its offline partners in order to give customers an easy and hassle-free experience.

In the B2C category, Goomo recently added the hotel booking feature to its platform to provide travellers with accommodation solutions from 3 lakh hotels. It also offers customers a wide choice of travel options and guaranteed availability for flights and accommodation to popular trade fairs across the world.

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