GoTo and Intel Integrate Intel vPro with GoTo LogMeIn Rescue

GoTo, unveiled a native integration for its LogMeIn Rescue product with Intel EMA for Intel vPro-based devices.

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GoTo and Intel Integrate Intel vPro with GoTo LogMeIn Rescue 1

GoTo, a company simplifying IT management, support, and business communications, unveiled a native integration for its LogMeIn Rescue product with Intel Endpoint Management Assistant (EMA) for Intel vPro-based devices. GoTo takes the lead by being the first to provide native integration with Intel, enabling customers to directly harness Intel EMA capabilities within the Rescue platform. This integration empowers IT teams with centralized remote support, management, and reporting for Intel vPro-based devices, streamlining the experience without the need to toggle between multiple applications. The result is a uniquely fast and easy solution for IT professionals.


The enhanced integration significantly bolsters Rescue's support for Intel vPro, enabling IT teams to seamlessly access and assist remote out-of-band devices operating on non-company operating systems. Traditionally, managing out-of-band devices has been a complex process involving multiple solutions, varied workflows, and diverse levels of end-user engagement. With this advancement, agents can now perform advanced actions such as connecting to the BIOS, troubleshooting OS and device driver issues, updating system settings or firmware, and more—even when devices are powered off—directly from the Rescue Technician Console.

Additionally, all support actions seamlessly integrate into Rescue's reporting system, providing IT leaders with a centralized and straightforward view of activities and outcomes. This streamlined approach not only enhances efficiency but also simplifies the overall support process for IT professionals dealing with Intel vPro-based devices, offering a comprehensive solution from troubleshooting to reporting.

“Intel’s collaboration with GoTo continues to deliver industry-leading manageability technologies to our joint customers to support an ever-expanding remote workforce and an array of endpoint devices. Using the newest Intel vPro® Platform technology native integration with LogMeIn Rescue, IT teams will experience heightened productivity through a streamlined, single-pane-of-glass operation that includes robust out-of-band support capabilities, beyond the firewall, regardless of their physical location,” said Carla Rodriguez, Intel Vice President, and General Manager of Client Software Ecosystem, Client Computing Group.


“We worked closely with Intel to develop the new Intel vPro API following our initial Rescue integration earlier this year, and today we’re taking the next step in our collaboration,” said Olga Lagunova, Chief Technology Officer at GoTo. “With Intel vPro natively paired with the enterprise remote support toolset of Rescue, which includes powerful remote control, system diagnostics, scripting, and more, we’ve made it fast and seamless to solve any problem from a single solution. Customers around the world already know and trust Rescue and Intel – and this is just the beginning. We’re excited to continue expanding our collaboration in the months and years ahead.”

"Wipro is thrilled with this collaboration between GoTo and Intel. We have a longstanding relationship with GoTo and have been using Rescue over the years to deliver differentiated value to our customers. Similarly, Intel vPro and Intel EMA capabilities have helped us address several cumbersome support situations and elevate the support experience,” said Satish Yadavalli, Vice President and Global Practices Head – FullStride Cloud at Wipro. “This integration will further simplify employee support services as IT will no longer be needing to swap systems and reorient to new screens for different issues. Now we can solve all of our support problems within Rescue in a unified, hassle-free manner."

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