Government & Education sectors are hot markets for ViewSonic

In talks with DQ Channels, Eric Wei, Sales Director, ViewSonic Asia Pacific, talks about companies’ operations in India and opportunities in the market

Give us an update on the Indian operations of ViewSonic?
ViewSonic which was founded in 1987, while we entered in the Indian market just 10 years ago. Our core base of operations is based out of Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

Primarily, our products are focused specifically on the display industry which includes small, medium to large format visual solutions. And in future focus will remain on display centric products only. This also sets us apart from our competitors here.

From Indian market perspective, companies’ exaggerating focus is on desktop display monitors, interactive flat panels and projectors. Those three product lines are our core segments of the market.

How these product lines are contributing to the business?
In Viewsonic we categorize these product lines under two. One is the traditional IT solutions i.e with the desktop displays, another is commercial and education categories which are large format displays and projectors. In the past, 80% contribution came from desktop displays and 20% came from projectors. This year, after some rehashing and restructuring in the company, now the contribution proportion between our core lines of business is 50-50. But, the end of this year we predict large format displays to garner a ratio of about 65% and in the future around 70% to 75%.

For commercial IT market, what sort of GTM strategy are you adopting?
The strategy is totally different for different products. For the desktops, we go through through IT channels. But for large format displays and projector our strategy is to target the government and education channels.
Also, we target trade shows, IT shows and do different activities. For example, we display our large format visual solutions in IT shows such as InfoComm.

In IT segment where do you see the traction?
There are specific niche segments which do purchase standalone desktop monitors such as gaming enthusiast and photographers. We have top of the line gaming monitors and photography monitors which showcases true to life colors with our advanced technology.

So, what is the strategy to tap Government and Education segment? What are the initiatives do you have in place?
We are continuously working with SI’s and are in the consultation with the Government. Beside that we are also in touch with various partners and have global distributors to reach out to the Government. We are in talks with partners for government contracts and tenures. Currently, we cannot disclose their names. We are getting lots of order for display solutions from the government.
We are distributing for Central as well State government projects. Mostly they are education solutions such as interactive and smart classrooms. We are working with ICT projectors as well.

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