Govt Restrains Selling of IT Products on E-Commerce Platforms

The MHA had issued a  circular in which it appeared that the E-commerce platforms were allowed to sell IT products while the retailers were prohibited from selling them. In response to this, the IT channel associations had sent letters to the MHA and the Prime Minister’s office, requesting that the sale of IT products on E-commerce platforms shuld be restrained during lockdown. Earlier, they took the view that IT products and services should be regarded as essential  an d should be allowed. However, later they asked for their sale on E-Commerce platforms should be restrained during lockdown.

The government responding to this plea, clarified that the sale of non-essential items such as IT hardware were not allowed on E-commerce platforms during lockdown.

Puneet Singhal, President, PCAIT, said responding to this clarification from the government, “Thanks to Home Minister Amit Shah, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal (for this order).”

Anupam Sharma, a Dealer in all kinds of branded computers and laptop at Bhopal said, “Dear trader brothers, the government has retrained the online sale of IT products because of the hard work done by you, as you all sent letters to the government informing them about the issue.”

Swaran Singh, Secretary, ADCTA, said, “All federations, associations and traders have contributed towards this development. It has been achieved by the unity of all traders of India.”

The sale of essential products online shall continue during lockdown. The vehicles and delivery personnel of the E-commerce platforms will continue to operate by acquiring permission from the authorities as intimated by the MHA in its circular.  It is to be  notified that the online platforms such as Flipkart and Amazon had begun to book orders for IT products on their platforms. The clients who had booked their orders shall have to wait till the lockdown ends.

Following is the text of the letter issued by the MHA in this regard –


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