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Grow, Save Prosper with GST Suvidha Providers

GSP being an important bridge between tax payers and government with in sync with GSTN have many functions to perform and will ensure GST compliance in a very easy manner. Let’s take a deep look at 5 GSPs and what they have in their buckets for tax payers.

Excellon Soft ware: Exactly Excellent

With over 30,000 users in over 8500 locations worldwide Excellon Software is renowned for its cutting-edge yet simple-touse sales, distribution, and service management software since its inception in 2000. Excellon’s research continues to leverage latest advances in Cloud, Mobility and Analytics for innovative solutions to difficult problems of enterprises and their customers.

Excellon Software has introduced EXACT suite on a subscription based model. EXACT is a sub-brand of Excellon Software created with a single goal to ensure hassle free GST compliance for businesses.

Vinod Tambi, COO, Excellon Software,. GSP, GST. GST suvidha provider

Vinod Tambi, COO, Excellon Software

Vinod Tambi, COO says, ‘EXACT by Excellon Software in its role as a GST Suvidha Provider (GSP) will provide innovative methods to tax payers in interacting with the GST Systems for end to end GST compliance. EXACT GSP will provide all user interfaces and convenience to enable the taxpayer to connect with GST system via secure GST system API’s.’

What EXACT will do

  • Integrated GSP/ ASP Solution to Enterprise: EXACT SUITE
  • Enterprise application invokes Excellon’s rich APIs to send data to Excellon EXACT SUITE
  • Excellon to offer GSP application as add-on solution to Enterprise through Web Portal and Mobile App
  • End User to perform all GST Compliance in Excellon EXACT SUITE and/or Mobile App

GSP Solution for Enterprise /Third Party ASP Solution: EXACT PASS

Excellon to provide all GSTN APIs to the Enterprise/ Third Party ASP Solution as per GSTN guidelines through EXACT PASS By consuming the APIs, Enterprise / Third Party ASP Solution to build all the relevant functionalities and process workflow for GST compliance as mandated by GSTN.

GSPs has to be available for tax payer when ever they want them to be. ‘As a GSP and IT platform provider, Excellon will monitor, all the technology mandates by GSTN and GST law compliance requirements which will be implemented and updated as and when required. And for this we have designed our infrastructure on Microsoft Azure Cloud platform and that to be within India’ Says Vinod.

What else is under the Excellon umbrella:
• seamless and secured integration of EXACT GSP Solution with GSTN System.
• 24*7 Log monitoring for absolute security.
• Solution has in-built capabilities to check data hygiene and integrity with the help of various field-level and process-level validations.
• The GSPs will also maintain taxpayers’ individual business ledgers — sales and purchase ledger — and other value-added services but within some guidelines like product audit will be conducted before going live on 1st of July along with annual audit thereafter and usage of MPLS lines will be done when exchanging data with GSTN. While there are other points as well which are available on public domain.
• Generally, there are some sort of SLAs under which GSPs has to work while according to Excellon there are no SLAs have been received from GSTN. ‘for rich customer experience, we as a GSP will take all possible measures to ensure smooth and fail-safe data exchange with GSTN system.

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