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Bodhtree Consulting: GST Age Salvation

Hyderabad based Bodhtree has been selected as one of the GST Suvidha Provider
by GSTN for effective implementation of the GST across India. GST services of Bodhtree are called “GIST” (GST Intelligent Services for Taxation).

GVV Satyanarayana of Bodhtree tells us that their GSP solution is built with the best
of breed, open source technologies to enable secure, robust and fast communication. The GST solutions comes with some of the salient features such as Secure Communication, Scalability, Monitoring Your Activity, keep logs of all communication, utility APIs.

GVV Satyanarayana, Bodhtree Consulting, GST, GSP, GST Suvidha Provider

GVV Satyanarayana, Bodhtree Consulting

‘We at Bodhtree are constructing a super information highway in India with scalable
and reliable and secure connectivity to GSTN’ says Satyanarayana.

GoFrugal Technologies: Retailer’s Choice

GoFrugal Technologies is the only authorized GST Suvidha provider providing Billing Software for the Retail and Restaurant sector among the 34 GSPs that were shortlisted.

GSPs are subjected to provide easy ways to taxpayers and stakeholders in interacting
with GST systems. From registration of entity to uploading of invoice details to filing of returns, GSPs will act as a liaison between the stakeholders under the GST regime.

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