How Real-Time Engagement is Transforming Faith-Tech

Faith-tech and real-time engagement have combined to form new opportunities for people looking for religious or cosmic guidance. They can connect with astrological guides or religious communities.

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How Real-Time Engagement is Transforming Faith-Tech

Faith Tech and Real-time engagement

Faith-tech and real-time engagement have combined to forge new opportunities for believers looking for religious or cosmic guidance. People can now easily and instantly connect with astrological guides or religious communities, leveraging the combined power of these two technologies. Religious convictions stay as mere beliefs unless there is trust and a tangible connection with larger communities and spiritual guides.


Real-time engagement technology plays a major role in bridging the trust gap between mentors and seekers through features such as interactive group sessions, personalized guidance, and one-on-one interactions. The technology goes beyond the constraints of physical boundaries, enabling individuals seeking spiritual guidance to schedule individual sessions with spiritual guides or participate in guided rituals like prayer or meditation simultaneously. This blog delves into the main use cases and future of faith-tech driven by real-time engagement. 

Real-time engagement in faith-tech: From astrology to religious traditions

At times, faith technology seems like an oxymoron. However, faith tech combines two unique fields, creating a location of religion, belief, and hope at their intersection while also contributing to the overall well-being of followers.


Astrotalk, an online astrology website, increased engagement, and revenue by leveraging Agora's technology for seamless virtual astrology readings, enhancing the user experience and reaching a global audience. Providers in the faith-tech space recognize the growing importance of delivering personalized, immersive, and engaging experiences.

As more believers turn to internet platforms and apps, the demand for such experiences continues to rise. The rapid expansion of faith-tech can be attributed to the introduction of live streaming and video calling. With the continuous advancement of real-time engagement technology, believers now have the ability to virtually connect and guide their communities in innovative ways.

Adding a personal touch: Real-time connections between spiritual advisors and followers are facilitated through features such as voice calling, video calling, and chat creating an experience that closely simulates in-person consultations. The ability to engage in-the-moment participation not only builds trust but also fosters genuine connections between advisors and followers.


Wider audience reach: With real-time engagement technology, astrologers can communicate with a larger audience in real-time through video and chat options. This flexibility allows them to adapt their strategies based on audience preferences, enhancing session engagement. In-event surveys and polls can be employed to further customize the experience, ensuring a dynamic and interactive connection with the audience.

Interactive live streaming sessions: Integrating interactive elements into streaming sessions enhances the participation of spiritual seekers in their rituals. This approach allows individuals to engage with their mentors, actively participate in surveys and polls, and receive personalized one-on-one advice, creating a more immersive and enriching spiritual experience.

Immersive worship experiences: Using virtual reality, believers could be transported to sacred locations. With augmented reality, religious signs, symbols, and text could be shown in the believers' immediate environment.


Guided spiritual activities: By leveraging the interactive live streaming features enabled by real-time engagement technology, believers can participate and carry out guided rituals as directed by spiritual guides. Instructors of mindfulness practices, such as yoga and meditation, can supervise and communicate with students in real-time, providing them with guidance.

Virtual reading and healing: Augmented reality and Virtual reality provide a captivating and immersive experience for virtual tarot and horoscope reading. With the use of technology and applications, healing sessions such as crystal and Pranic therapy can be enhanced in terms of relaxation, calming, and engagement.

Technical reliability is essential for building trust


The main drivers of this faith-tech revolution are accessibility, usability, and platform dependability. For believers, online spiritual services and consultations must offer a steady and reliable user experience, which is dependent on the underlying real-time engagement technology.

For astrological and spiritual platforms and solution providers, the next five years are critical. Given the constant changes in the behavior of believers, faith-based platforms need to offer immersive, real-time experiences that are interactive and engaging.

Written by - Ranga Jagannath, Senior Director, Agora

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