HDVC Solutions the Future of Unified Communication

Panasonic’s messaging for partners in both Mumbai and Bangalore found a receptive audience

Panasonic is banking big on its B2B segment- Panasonic System Sales Division (SSD) which plays a vital role in contributing to the overall growth of the brand in India. With a huge product portfolio including commercial displays , projectors, telephones, fax machines, EPABX, surveillance and security cameras, printers, Panaboards & interactive boards, scanners, Toughbooks, Point of sale solutions and Broadcast products, SSD is contributing 10% of the company’s total revenue. With an increase in demand of this business in India not only is the company expanding its range of products but also launching new products in market this fiscal and the HDVC launch is a step in the same direction.

Says Anirban Banerjee, Product Marketing Head, HDVC & PBX, SSD, Panasonic India, “For the first time in India 3D technology has been infused with HDVC to provide best Video Conferencing solution for our customers. The end to end technology solution by Panasonic from Cameras lens to the display makes it possible to display facial expressions and gestures in clear, full-HD images as part of the visual communication experience.” He was speaking at the “Unified We Prosper” business conferences organized in Mumbai on 21st April and Bangalore on 20th May in conjunction with DQ Channels.

It was only last year that Panasonic India introduced its third generation dynamic HDVC solutions- KX-VC1600 and KX-VC1300 along with various software based VC solutions. Specially designed for the SME segment, the new product range is targeted towards providing cost effective and high quality products for SME customers. Other than this, the product also targets lucrative verticals such as education and healthcare market. “We are largely targeting IT/ITES, Hi-tech Enterprise, Manufacturing and Healthcare industries and will focus on bundling specific solutions to fulfil the requirements of various industries to make it most suitable product for them,” says Banerjee.

Some key features in the new solution like 10 locations Inbuilt multiparty in Full HD, ability to connect 3 displays output, 3 Cameras input and Dual network support make this solution unmatchable as per the current industry standards. The newly launched models from Panasonic lets one reap the benefits of faceto-face interaction without the exorbitant costs and carbon footprint associated with business travel. The experience of crystal clear HD video combined with full duplex sound helps capturing the nuances of facial expression, tone of voice and body language – crucial towards developing a level of trust.

Panasonic offers a unique integration of software based infrastructure coupled with hardware based room end points to provide a complete video conference experience at highly cost effective price to customers. That in turn translates into good business for the channel partners too. Partners in both Mumbai and Bangalore were extremely receptive towards the Panasonic HDVC solutions and many of them looked at exploring avenues to have new relations.

Limesh Parekh of Enjay IT Solutions in Mumbai and Ananthram Varayur of Webcom Technologies in Bangalore elucidated on why partners are exploring new business areas and that unified communications could become a lucrative business area with solutions like Panasonic HDVC. Two panel discussions with key partners from both cities also corroborated on why and how unified communications could be the next hot area for channel partners.

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