HealthifyMe to become India’s most loved health app

Mobile health and fitness company HealthifyMe has raced to two million users in May 2017, doubling its user base from one million users in January this year.

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Mobile health and fitness company HealthifyMe has raced to two million users in May 2017, doubling its user base from one million users in January this year.  HealthifyMe also excelled in its service quality during the period and its user ratings on the App Store grew to 4.5 Stars thus becoming India’s highest rated Health-tech according to App Annie. At the rating of 4.5, according to App Annie, HealthifyMe is also ahead of all e-Commerce and payments apps in India. (Source appended)


HealthifyMe began the year with a unique campaign titled New Year Revolutions that enabled it to establish a great degree of stickiness among its users. Since then, the app also launched Her Health First, a Women’s Health Awareness campaign and an annual study titled HealthifyMeter based on insights from data logged on the app by it’s users across 100 million plus food and exercise records. “Since the success of New Year Revolutions, we have continued to engage with our users through various initiatives such as #HerHealthFirst and HealthifyMeter. These coupled with our excellent service delivery through our Premium nutritionists and workout trainers have ensured that our consumers continued to love and advocate us,” said Tushar Vashisht Co-Founder and CEO of HealthifyMe

HealthifyMe has steadily grown in its user ratings and reviews starting in Jan 2017 with a rating of 4.4 and hitting an all-time high of 4.5 on the Play Store earlier this month. The popularity of the app lies in its specific Indian context for variables such as diet and exercise, comprehensive tracking systems, and the personalized coaching approach that helps users Get Fit, Eat Better and Lose Weight. This rating of 4.5 achieved by HealthifyMe is significant when considered from a global perspective as well. According to the recently released Google’s Play Store Report (March 2017), among the 5 most downloaded apps of all time only Instagram commands a rating of 4.5.

 Users who have achieved life-changing transformation through the HealthifyMe services are among its ardent advocates (Appended reviews screenshot). Akanksha Jain, a HealthifyMe user who fought diabetes using the app and is now off medication thanks to her 30kg weight-loss in 6 months said, “HealthifyMe helped me at a critical juncture in my life when my sugar levels had shot up to 490. With constant monitoring through its in-app features and its dedicated coaches, the app has played a huge role in my transformation. Their coaches are nothing less than a second family to me.” (Video appended)


Premium users on the app have effectively lost up to 5 kg in 10 weeks and exercise 60% more than when they began.

HealthifyMe expects to expand its user base to 5 million by the end of the year. Speaking about this fast-paced growth, Tushar concluded, HealthifyMe is bucking a common industry trend that often sees users flock to gyms at the beginning of the year. Such users inevitably lose interest and drop out later in the year. However, at HealthifyMe we are seeing a strong 30% growth among our Premium users month on month. The convenience of having an always-on health solution on your mobile has increased adoption significantly among our user base.

On the HealthifyMe app, users can set individual weight goals based on their height, age, and gender. Specially adapted to Indian cuisines and measurements, common restaurant dishes, and packaged foods, and with a database of over 25,000 Indian food items, the app allows users to track their daily food and calories, and provides a detailed nutritional breakdown of their meals along with personalized recommendations and feedback through their Premium services.

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