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The Asus P5K3/P5K series motherboards provide users with decreased

temperatures, stable overclocking, lowered noise levels and energy savings to

suit their overclocking and performance needs. They are targeted towards

enthusiasts and regular consumers alike, but more so towards the enthusiast. All

of the Asus P5K series motherboards support Super Memspeed Technology that

continues to perform regardless of different DRAM specifications and

overclocking margins. With better overclocking options, the P5K3 Deluxe is able

to overclock up to 2032MHz for DDR3 memory-an enhancement of up to 90.6 percent,

while the P5K Deluxe is able to reach 1400MHz for DDR2 memory.


Asus's AI Slot Detector lets users know if their PCIe/PCI devices are

properly inserted into the slots while they are installed. By just plugging in

the power cable even without switching on the PC or entering the operating

system, Asus's innovative on-board LEDs provide an efficient way to identify the

correct way to set-up the PC.

AI Gear2 allows users to choose from four profiles (maximum performance, high

performance, medium per­for­mance and max power saving)

to adjust CPU frequency and vCore voltage to minimize system noise and power

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