Hitachi to expand in India

Citing strong global demand for its software solutions, Hitachi has decided to expand its operations in India as it regards the country as a central point for its support system in the global network.

“We see India as a central point for our support system in the global network,” said Mike Gillis, president and global chief executive officer of the Hitachi Solutions.

Citing strong global demand for its software solutions, Hitachi Solutions India is more than doubling its capacity with expansion at its two centres in Chennai and Hyderabad over the next 24 months, said Ananth Subramanian, chief executive officer and managing director of the Indian operation.The Chennai expansion will be inaugurated in May and another centre will be added at Hyderabad from July.

Subramanian attributed the Hitachi’s fast-pace expansion in India to “very strong growth in the global market for software solutions”. “Part of the global market is being catered to by the Indian operations,” he said.

Hitachi Solutions India began operation in July 2013 and today employs close to 250 people in Chennai and Hyderabad. Gillis said that Hitachi Solutions India is set to collaborate with more universities and colleges in India to tap software talent for long-term expansion.

The company’s software talent incubation programme in collaboration with the Chennai-based Anna University and its two colleges as well as a business school has been popular.

Hitachi Solutions India has to date recruited 50 people under the incubation programme which is conducted on campus through a nine-month teaching period.

“We are doing software development but most importantly we are looking at sustainability of capability. Skills are always in short supply in the market,” he said.

“That is why we have these university incubation programmes where we teach in the universities and colleges for nine months. We invest time in incubating talent in the university,” he added.

The two executives, along with the group’s to management executives, launched Hitachi Solutions America’s Asia Pacific subsidiary in Singapore recently.

The Singapore subsidiary will enable expansion into the Asia Pacific markets covering manufacturing, financial services, professional services among others, said Subhramanian.

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