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A common problem plaguing head honchos of small and big organizations alike

is that of dissatisfied employees, which urges them to look for better options

elsewhere. But this can be taken care of.


Let me start with an interesting episode, which happened with me while

interviewing a prospective senior marketing executive for my organization.

Normal industry practice while recruiting the sales personnel is that it is

important to link the remunerations with the target achievement.

Hence, an obvious question is the quantum of business this person will be

able to generate for the company. The exasperating answer by this average

looking person, probably from a small town within a 300km radius of Delhi was

"If I were capable of generating business on my own, then sorry I would not

have been here seeking a job, but would have been better running my own



me, my ears were not prepared to hear this answer and my impromptu reaction was

then why have you come here? He quickly retorted, "Sir, the level at which

you are considering to recruit me, I can only be part of your organization and

contribute in maintaining the existing business."


I was not prepared to take it further from this youngster, because here there

was a person half my age and experience educating me on areas where I am

supposedly a stalwart. The candidate was rejected on account of smartness.

The moral of the story is that the biggest stumbling block for growth in a

small enterprise is the entrepreneur himself, because he will not tolerate a

person smarter than him with the fear of being usurped.

It's all about loving your employees

Every entrepreneur at some stage of his business progress realizes that he

cannot remain a pivot of the organization. He dreams of delegating duties, in

the interest of the company's growth.



Subsequently, he is faced with the problem of team selection and retention.

As per industry statistics, entrepreneurs are either technically qualified or

are people with commercial or management background.

Now, tackling issues related to manpower and its productivity, which are

otherwise so important for growth, take a back seat owing to no formal training

on the subject. Moreover, situations of employee absenteeism, inefficiency,

de-motivation, u-productivity and dissatisfaction are common.


Conventional techniques adopted by larger organizations to attract good human

resource and promise growth oriented career like allowances, ESOP

and share holding are unaffordable for modest enterprises. Every enterprise has
to adopt ingenuity to arrive at apropos manpower solutions.

Above all is the human touch, which most of us don't recognize. Treatment

meted to staff is inhuman and with a mechanical approach our assumption is that

efficiency of a human being is constant over the day like a machine in a factory

churning out jobs.

In light of the importance of human resource in the contemporary competitive

business environment, it is mandatory to have somebody qualified doing the full

time job of human administration and pepping. I am greatly inspired by the

analogy I heard at a seminar, where the organizational staff was compared to the

wheels of a vehicle and the inflation of the wheels to motivational levels of

the personnel.


The comparison was that if the wheels of a vehicle are not properly inflated,

on high cruising speeds, there is a chance of either a burst or over heating.

This could result in higher fuel consumption. Similarly, a de-motivated staff

can bring the organization to a grinding halt or may result into that unaccepted


Regular interactions with team

Periodic unofficial interaction between staff and their families in the form

of organization-sponsored events have positive results. Regular recognition for

outstanding contribution is a must. Moreover such recognition should be in the

presence of entire the organization to have best results.


- Tolerate people smarter than yourself, without fear of usurpation

- Appoint a qualified person for handling human resource administration 

- Have periodic unofficial interaction with staff and their families

- Praise outstanding contribution, especially in front of the entire team


The recognition may not be just for numerical gains to the company, but more

desirable should be personal qualities of sincerity, punctuality, mannerisms,

etiquette and discipline. Today we need to cultivate personal traits, which are

admired by the society as whole and not just aggression, which leads to

impatience and rivalry and negativity.

As drivers of the organization, entrepreneurs have the prime task of creating

a healthy ecosystem for personal continuity and growth. An anecdote, which is

very pertinent, is by the famous physicist Archimedes, 'Give me a place to

stand and I can move the world'. This saying highlights the significance of

levers, which all of us have studied in our school days. I will take the liberty

to restate it by saying, "Give me a dedicated, efficient team and I shall

be an MNC." 

Saket Kapur is the MD of Delhi-based Green Vision.