Honesty and Loyalty Pay Off- Success Story of Neeraj Agrawal

Kolkata based Nimbus Computer Pvt. Ltd. owner Neeraj Agrawal is very passionate, active and soft spoken IT player. He started business way back in 1992 when there was no organized market for IT Products. People were new and the customer didn’t have choice for the vendor and resulting high margin in those days. He started with the dealership of Pinsel / Amkettee Floppy disk 8” / 5.25” and BASF Magtapes and added accessories in their portfolio and then started to sell Winchester hard disk and print head to OEM’s.

The Early days:

Started his business with computer accessories, then he moved into peripherals and assembling and selling branded desktop. Now Nimbus Computers giving services into distribution, retail and corporate & govt. supplies. They have 1 Regd. office and 3 retail outlet in Kolkata as on date.

Taking about how he got into entrepreneurship he shared his views and said, “I’ve completed B.Com and have done Computer engineer course. After passing out there was lot of pressure for joining service but I opted to start business of my own. I started business with just `15,000 in initial stage and I have Proprietorship Company in name of Nimbus Technologies and now we are doing business in name of Nimbus Computer Pvt. Ltd.”

“I always wanted to grow as an IT entrepreneur and I’m pretty satisfied and happy what I am today and what I have achieved” he added.

Challenges and Road Blocks

Currently, Neeraj is Secretary in Computer Association of Eastern India and also have served as Vice President in Rotary Club. He believes that life is full of challenges and every entrepreneur has to face. It depends upon individual and we have to be smart enough to tackle the situation and come out of the same.

Talking about his success mantra in life he believes in honesty and to be loyal to your employees, who have contributed in growth of the organization. Personally he never sees short term profit and gun for long term goal.

On A Personal Note

Giving his experiences to young entrepreneur he shared, “To be a good entrepreneur you don’t need to be an MBA. If you have ability to work, show honesty towards your work and dream and if you can mobilize your resources including man resources you can face any competition and sky will be the limit.

Traveling and listing to music is the main hobby of Neeraj Agrawal. He also give this courtesy to  IT industry who takes IT people to lot of foreign land but he always make sure to take my family out for vacation and spend quality time with them.

Future Strategy

Asking about his future plans he shared, “Since I don’t fore see much growth, typically in hardware segment i.e. desktop and laptop , my next year target will be focusing in solution based business and will be including mobile accessories in our distribution line. We are also thinking into penetration of exclusive gaming showroom in Kolkata”.

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