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HP has unveiled a series of new products, services, and programs designed to help organizations leverage data and analytics to build new products and experiences, run more efficiently, and differentiate against the competition.


The company announced a new release of HP Vertica, which will feature data streaming and advanced log file text search to power high-speed analytics on Internet of Things (IoT) data.

It has also launched extensive support for and contributions to open source technologies, including optimized Hadoop performance, integration with the Apache Kafka distributed messaging system, and advancements in Distributed R predictive analytics.

The company has also unveiled the HP Haven Startup Accelerator program, which will provide early-stage companies with fast, affordable access to both HP Big Data and Application Delivery Management software and services.


The announcements further accelerate HP’s differentiated big data strategy – around enabling organizations to harness data of all types, including emerging forms such Internet of Things device data, leveraging important new open source projects, and providing developers and early stage companies with the tools they need to become successful, data driven organizations.

“Developers are the new heroes of the Idea Economy,” said Vivek Ratna, Country Director, Big Data Platform. “Through our Haven and Haven OnDemand platforms, we are empowering these heroes to transform their business through data, by allowing them to harness the value of all forms of information, rapidly connect and apply open source, and quickly access the tools they need to build winning businesses,” he added.

The company also announced a new version of HP Vertica, the industry’s fastest SQL database, code named “Excavator” with data streaming analytics capabilities. This capability delivers actionable insight for a wide range of use cases, including manufacturing process control, supply chain optimization, healthcare monitoring, financial risk management, and fraud detection.


It also released a series of innovations that enable organizations to combine the innovation of open source with the enterprise-scale, reliability, and security of HP’s Big Data platform. HP further announced its future commitment to integrate Vertica with Apache Spark. This will enable accelerated data transfer between Vertica and Spark, allowing organizations to take full advantage of their Spark-based deployments. This future capability will enable the developer community to build their models in Spark and run them in Vertica for high-speed and sophisticated analytics.

Planned availability for new HP Haven Big Data offerings and services is set towards the end of 2015. All hardware platforms for Big Data are currently available in India.

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