HP sues EMC, alleges storage patent infringement

HP has alleged storage patent infringement by EMC Corp and filed a petition
in the US Court. The computer maker has asked for compensation of monetary
damages and injunctive relief to stop EMC from using technology from seven HP
patents in its Symmetrix, Clariion and TimeFinder products.

The patents involve a variety of technologies dealing with moving data and
resolving problems in storage computers, and HP says it was responding to EMC
suits. "EMC has opted to pursue a lawsuit against one of our technology
providers, Hitachi, as well as against HP directly through ongoing litigation
relative to StorageApps, which HP acquired last year," Bob Schultz,
VP-Marketing, HP Network Storage Solutions, said in a statement.

"HP has a responsibility to ensure that, as we compete in the
marketplace, we are not competing against our own intellectual property. We have
a strong patent portfolio covering storage technology and we will protect
it," he adds.

EMC, HP and Hitachi are three of the biggest makers of storage networks,
dedicated clusters of data storage computers that improve the flow and
availability of data to traditional computer networks.


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