HR Best Practice

HR Best Practice Part 1

Authored By Limesh Parekh, Founder at Enjay IT Solutions

A new kind of peer appraisal, that has more than few advantages, apart from being extremely simple, informative and fun.

HR Best Practice1

How it works:

  • Its done one weekly basis, When entire team assembles in one area (preferably standing in a circle). Those in the branches will join on speakerphone.
  • One person is designated as coordinator for this, who will record all the activities.
  • Everybody states their best task done in the week, “Best of the Week”, based on the self-evaluation, based on following criteria:
    • Its beneficial to Enjay, Customers of Enjay or any other Team Member(s) of Enjay.
    • It solved something that otherwise would have taken lots of time and effort (innovativeness). Innovativeness can be in anything, not only technical. Giving/implementing some brilliant idea for Marketing / HR / Finance can also be innovative.
    • It was done in remarkably low resources (time, energy, effort etc)
    • It helped learn something remarkable. (big personal learning or advantage)
    • Any Other thing, that the person might think that it was his BEST,
    • No one can state that there was nothing remarkable. (this is rule).
  • Everybody also states their “Worst of the week”, where something which went wrong or was not done right.
    • A Lapse in the duty/responsibility.
    • Some task which otherwise could have been completed in short time, but took very long.
    • Knew that this was wrong for Enjay, but did not speak.
    • Any other thing that went wrong during the week whatever was the cause for it.
  • Both the evaluations are done by the person him/herself.
  • All other team members will listen to each and every person stating their BEST/WORST of the week.
  • Then the voting is done:
    • Everybody has a single vote, which can be given to one person only.
    • That vote will be given by him to the person, that he thinks, did the best work.
    • The person cannot vote for himself/herself.
  • The person who gets most of the votes gets the “PERFORMER of the WEEK” Award, and we keep his name on the Notice Board for the entire Week.
    • This will also be posted on our FB page, regularly by EOD Saturday.
  • The person who gets most “PERFORMER of the WEEK” awards will be “CHAMPION of the YEAR”.
  • The information that the coordinator has recorded will be used for Appraisal by HR Team.


  • Instead of taking into account each and every task done, we just take the best task, that saves a lot of time.
  • The best and worst are evaluated by SELF, this way self-analysis is done, which is afterwards voted by peers.
    • This provides a chance to every person, to think regarding the work done during the week. A kind of self-appraisal.
    • And since the voting is done by all afterwards, everybody comes to understand whether his thinking was correct or not
  • Automatic reporting is done, no need to maintain any kind of reporting
  • Everybody comes to know what is happening in the team. Because each member is stating that
  • A Culture for best performance is developed.
  • A better communication skill is developed since the work done has to be presented in very simple and effective manner.
  • Good listening and observation skill are developed since everyone have to listen to 40+ people and do the evaluation.


  • In first few weeks the system might not get very clear, but after 1 or 2 weeks, everybody will start loving it and get involved with enthusiasm.
  • This is just peer appraisal system meant for HR System and helps in improving the overall efficiency of the team, it does not substitute Project Management tools/efforts that are required to complete projects in time.
  • This is Ok, till we are a small team, once we grow beyond 50, this system will have to be reviewed/modified.

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