COST TO COST Computer files complain for violation of its Trademark

Nehru Place based COST TO COST Computer, a dealer of computers, peripherals, and accessories recently filed a complaint in the Delhi Court against fake companies using COST TO COST banner with a motion for a permanent injunction restraining infringement of its Trade Mark.

The complaint alleges that some companies are using COST TO COST banners are intentionally and willfully infringing their Trademark and trading on COST TO COST goodwill and reputation by conducting its entire business in the name of Cost To Cost and offering the same products, in the same market, and in the same channel of trade as COST TO COST showroom.

It is further alleged that many substandard and fake capacity products are also offered to customers and thereby cheating to customers and also damaging the reputation of its trademark as these fake companies are giving an impression to many customers that they are Authorized channel of COST TO COST Computer.

After reviewing the complaint, the Court on 24 December 2019, issued order and appointed Local Commissioner to visit the premises of such companies running their business with the same or similar Trademark COST TO COST in the market and seize all Banners, display Board, Ledger, Books of account, cash register, stock register, invoices and all other documents as this is a clear case of trademark infringement.

Council of COST TO COST Computer said that they will continue to conduct such raids against such fake shop/showroom trading online as well as offline in all over India so as to protect their Trademark from infringement.

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