Eazy ERP Founder of Eazy DMS Kunal Singhal

Hybrid Eazy DMS 3.0 – the new upgrade for the new normal

Eazy ERP Technologies has announced the launch of its Hybrid Eazy Distributor Management System (DMS) version 3.0. The newly launched toolset empowers distributors to enhance their competitive edge in the ever-changing economic landscape.

The one-of-a-kind DMS, which was already popular for Tally and Busy Integrated approach now offers an added features of hybrid connectivity with online and offline functionality on web and mobile platform. Greater cross-platform integrity allows the use of multiple brands hassle-free. Scalability, upgraded controls, data management, analytics and visualizations features help increase profitability and productivity for distributors and brands. Eazy DMS with its Ten technological upgrades is not just a flag bearer for Eazy ERP Technologies but the future gold standard for India’s DMS industry.

Such is the ease of use, as well as the online-offline feature of the Hybrid DMS Eazy 3.0, that it’s also an appropriate tool for businesses in India’s tier 3 and tier 4 cities. For rural distributors who cannot manage an enormous set up, this application enables them to operate as a Mobile DMS, or online Excel-based portal, which is an absolute boon to such businesses.

Commenting on this exciting launch, Founder of Eazy DMS Kunal Singhal remarked, “The supply chain has been a topic of burning interest post-COVID. As we adapt and explore a less touch and no-touch economy, data collection and analysis become an integral part of any business strategy.”

“Eazy DMS allows you to operate at remote/rural location on Mobile POS or at a sophisticated warehouse with automatic auditing, stocking and re-ordering with security, controllability, and ease. Eazy DMS becomes the tool of choice for any future-minded business and essential component of growth in the field.”

The product was launched in the presence of leaders from the FMCG, FMCD, BPD, Auto Components, Footwear and Apparel industries. The launch was followed up by a panel discussion on “The Importance of Data and Automation in Sales Post COVID”. Panelists for the discussion included Tejas Goenka of Tally Solutions, Sunil Tonali of Crompton, Cremica’s Amit Sharma and Dilraj Gandhi of TAFE.

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