Daisy Chittilapilly, cisco

‘I am a big travel buff’- Daisy Chittilapilly, Cisco

A name behind successful Partner Organization in Cisco is none other than Daisy Chittilapilly. She is well known in business world and an icon for all ladies out there making their first steps onto this stage.

In talks with The DQ Channels she revealed her different aspects of personal life which most of the people are not aware of.

Family Background 

Daisy grew up in a middle class family, where her father worked for government body Air India and her mother is a home maker. “I am a middle class kid and I am the oldest one in my family with one younger brother. And I am single” She says with a smile.

Academic Background

She has always been a scholar student. Daisy has done her graduation from College of Engineering, Trivandrum and management studies from XLRI, Jamshedpur. “I was always a school topper. During my engineering I was among 3 rank holders. I always was an all rounder; there were more things than studies; I was also involved in college politics as our campus was highly politicized. I also did ghost writing and wrote for the college magazine as well, organizing events, etc.”

Even today she is into politics but more from a spectator perspective. She keeps updated what is going on in the world. Her favorite leader is….Any guesses??? It’s the Canadian PM Justin Trudeau. Why he? According to daisy, “He is the best model for the world…not because he is good looking….. Let me clarify… (she said while laughing) He is voice of sanity for me personally.”


Daisy started her career with Wipro in 1995 with a role in frontline sales, at that point there were fewer women in this field. “At workplace you have to be passionate what you do, to stand apart from others. This will be the stepping stone for you.” And her favorite one, No Monday morning Blues for her.

According to Daisy, Sales has helped her a lot and given a great exposure in business world. “It pushes you out from your comfort zone. You gain so much meeting new people and you have to reinvent and connect to them. Being in sales, it has helped me a lot and brought out my plus points out.”

She even has long term plans for her. “I have prepped up a plan for me, which I will execute in upcoming years, my plans is to do something in Education and other plan~ I would like to be on board of some organization.”

Love of Life  

She loves travelling and midst of all work in Cisco, Daisy always take some time for travelling. “I am a big travel buff, but there is no one place, but surely I don’t want to go to Antarctica. Italy and Ireland are on my list in June. Every year there are two to three places I want to visit.”

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