Bet You never Complained like this on Social Media !!!

Many of you have used Social Media as the platform to complain….but I bet no one has ever complained about anything in such an interesting way….that this guy named Somak Ghosh has done on Facebook…

We all know about automated replies as well as textbook ones, but sometimes those can be quite out of the way.

Somak G complained to UC in a poetic way… and in response UrbanClap also got witty and replies in same manner….Social media handled right.

Swift and creative resolution is what UrbanClap assured when a disappointed customer poeticized his concerns on their Facebook page.

Now the products and services you offer are only as good as the service you back them with. And this is what lifestyle  service provider UrbanClap assured when a disappointed customer poeticized his concerns on the brand’s Facebook page. Surely, a chat that will appeal to all, especially the noble ‘poets’ sitting out there.

Take a look on how a customers poetic complained was responded by UrbanClap.

Inline image 3

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