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‘I Don’t have a Back-up Plan’- Jimmy Kaul, CEO, Shopotox

Rapid Fire with Jimmy Kaul, CEO, Shopotox 

Belong to place: Srinagar

Studied at: Srinagar & Pune

Company: Virgo Cluster Lifestyle Products & Services

What is your ideal day: A day that starts with remembrance and ends with contemplation

What drives me the most: Fashion

The most important 3 things in my life: Family, work and my physical health

Favorite Gadget: My phone

Favorite food: Chinese and Thai cuisine

Favorite holiday destination: USA, Canada and London

What are the things I like to do alone: Read a book, watch TV and net surfing

Last book I read: The Kite Runner

Which letter of the alphabet describes me best, how: V- as it stands for victory and peace

Most memorable Event: There are 2- When I gave birth to my son and second when I gave birth to my another baby “Shopotox”

One thing I like to change in myself: I trust people easily and I would want to change that

I never get tired of ___ ? Travelling and Shopping

5 years down the line I would be: I’d like to take my business to international level.

If not in IT industry, I would be: I always aspired to be an entrepreneur, I’m content with my growth. I never kept any other back up plans for myself.

Advice to budding Entrepreneurs: Roll on the sleeves and be ready to put your hands in the fire.

What’s my motto in life: To Shopotox known in every household and flourish in local and international market.

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