“I enjoy listening to Huzoor is kadar bhi na itra

If you could change one thing about
your past, what would you change and why?

The years it took me to realize that I
need to take risks.

What is that one thing which you
would like to change in yourself?

I would like to control my temper.

What are the 5 things you cannot
live without?

Taking up ‘worthy’ challenges;
learning; teaching/coaching/mentoring; morning rhythm of yoga or
sports and my family.

If given a chance to act in a movie,
which character would you like to portray and why?

I would love to play Naseeruddin Shah’s
character in Masoom. He combines romance, art, intensity and fun.
There is so much genuineness about him.

What is your most memorable moment?

There are two of them, though, equally
important. First, I was named the ‘Best Teacher’ by graduate
students of Physics at Delhi University in my first year of teaching
career. Second, my first job offer from Tata Burroughs, that
transitioned my career from academics to industry.

What advice will you give to
aspiring entrepreneurs?

Start as early as possible.

Where do you see yourself five years
down the line?

Continuing to bring value to our
customers; extending geographies, coaching and mentoring teams to
make Alletec amongst the best places to work.

If not in the IT industry, where
would you have been and why?

Possibly a social activist, using my
passion and energy to bring value and change to the society,
particularly to the common people.

Please share any
memorable/inspiring/humorous incident from your school/college days.

Trying to solve some quantum physics
problems which always seemed ridiculous or impossible at the start.
Finding the minimum radius of a pencil that can stand erect on its
head on a plain surface, was one of them.

Who is your idol in life and why?

Ratan Tata, for his integrity, risk
taking and vision. And my father, for his selflessness, eagerness to
help others and character.

What did you do with your first pay

I gave it to my father and received my
usual pocket money in return.

If you were reborn, who would you
like to be born as?

I would like to reborn as a
‘entrepreneur’ and wish to do things much earlier in life, than I
have done in this innings.

What are your weekend activities?

I enjoy a few games of squash, catch up
with pending tasks-official as well as personal; and spend some
quality time with family members.

What is your success mantra?

Not walking away from a problem or a
challenge, once I am convinced that a problem is worth solving.

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