“I want to be patient like a vulture”- Saket Kapur

Saket Kapur, Director, Green Vision Pvt. Ltd shares his significant experience in starting and growing his business and career with DQ Channels.

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Saket Kapur, Director, Green Vision Pvt. Ltd shares his significant experience in starting and growing his business and career with DQ Channels.


Early Days

“For an entrepreneur, it is continuous endeavor and innovations, it is only the change in quantum which happens over a period of time”, believes Saket Kapur. He started his professional career as an Engineer in Yamaha Motor followed by HCL Group before taking the entrepreneurial plunge. He thinks that the entrepreneurial plunge of those days was much modest and thrived on own capital.

During the time of entering in entrepreneurship he thinks that an entrepreneurship is a bug which bites every job worker at some point of time. He had struck early in his career in wake of foreseeable putative IT solutions potential.


About the company

Green Vision (P) Limited started its IT Solution provider journey sometimes early 1990 under the name of “Computer Vision”. Printing, Publishing, Design and Drafting Solutions was the focus area, having target market of Publishers, Printers, Advertisement Agencies and Architects.

After that, system building was added to the portfolio in 1996, with their own branded PCs’ and Servers which peaked out in 2004.


Green Vision forayed into own designed and developed UTM GreenX, Networking Solutions, Linux Mail Server solutions between 2004 and 2012.

Green Vision now is concentrating in deploying its in-house developed “Vehicle Tracking” application. This application is on GNU Linux with response time of less than 10ms from over hundred thousand vehicles.

“Green Vision (P) Limited started modestly as “Computer Vision” from the basement of my residence in 1990. The attempt was to fill the then existing gap in qualified organizations who could provide design solutions on Autocad, Corel Draw and Photoshop. Piggy backed on the contacts with Architects imputed from familial business” he expressed.


Professional Achievements

With his keen interest in the IT Industry, he has been involved in many IT association activities. He has been awarded by different magazines for his excellence, performance and contribution in IT. Currently he is General Secretary in PCAIT and also in a national body FAIITA. On his professional achievements he says, “Professional achievements are the invaluable trust and credibility of customers, suppliers and peer business friends”.



Challenges and Roadblocks

As per Kapur, IT is a dynamic business vertical, having high obsolescence and no scope for complacency. Dependency on patented technologies and solutions is the greatest impediment of growth and success.

Success mantra and policies in life


He always remains inspired by the title of a thriller by James Hadley Chase, which he had read during his adolescences. He has policy in life to remain ethical and to live up to the commitments.

Advice to young entrepreneurs

Untiring strategic effort will lead to success.


Personal life/Hobbies

He likes to do associational work, arbitrating disputes. He is a long road trips lover and agriculture is one of his passionate hobbies and pastime activities.

Future Plans

Professionally and personally he plans to arbitrate an International Arbitration involving IT dispute.

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