IBM provides accessibility for differently-abled

DQC Bureau
New Update

IBM India launched the first ever human ability and accessibility center in

the country that aims to make technology and information easily accessible to

people with visual, cognitive, hearing and motor disabilities in India. Located

at India Research Lab in New Delhi, the IBM India human ability and

accessibility center would provide technology for empowering differently-abled

people including people facing educational and economic challenges, and

collaborate with key government bodies on accessibility related policy and

standards in India. Through the use of solutions developed by IBM research this

advanced virtual center hopes to help employees maximize their potential,

regardless of ability or disability.


According to Frances West, Director-BM Human Ability and Accessibility

Center, IBM, “IBM has supported technology and information needs to accelerate

accessibility for over 90 years through our research and development, offerings

and social outreach programs. We would continue that endeavor in the future as