IBS to deploy Artificial Intelligence in jewelry retail

DQC Bureau
New Update


OCTOBER 6, 2006


Intelligent Business Systems (IBS), the Artificial Intelligence (AI) software

specialist firm, and Krysaliis, the Indian jewelry major, announced a tie-up

that is likely to have wide-ranging impact in the jewelry retail trade, and

forever change the concept and face of the neighbourhood jewelry store in India

and elsewhere around the globe.

With its AI Enterprise Solutions, Intelligent Business Systems will enable

Krysaliis to bring the exclusivity of "haute couture" jewelry-hitherto available

only to the rich and famous-down to more affordable "prêt-à-porter" (readymade)

lines and designs, within the reach of a wider audience, yet without any

compromise on style or quality.

IBS said in a statement that it has so far implemented its Artificial

Intelligence Enterprise Solutions and proprietary ICPA Engine within Europe in

sectors spanning travel, tourism, pharma, government, etc. The same superior

functionality in end-to-end enterprise management systems and AI-based customer

profiling and relationship management will now be made available to Krysaliis,

enabling the jewelry manufacturer to hone in to its target market with accuracy,

dynamically optimizing its inventory based on fashion trends and local

demographic considerations at various stores in the chain.

IBS will be taking charge of the entire technology backbone for Krysaliis,

and among the key AI Enterprise Solutions to be deployed will be REMS (Retail

Enterprise Management System) and ICPA (Intelligent Customer Profiling and

Advertising), the statement added.