Imation ventures into ECM business

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Imation Corporation will soon be seen competing with the likes of EMC, IBM

and HP in the enterprise content management (ECM) space with the launch of its

Information Management Solutions (IMS) initiative. This will be the first time

Imation will make public its entry into software development and implementation

activities in the ECM space.


"IMS is a brand new initiative that will help us position Imation as a

complete data storage and information management solutions company with

expertise in the hardware and software space," said Richard Goh Chyan Yeu,

Consultant, IMS Solutions, Imation.


To upgrade hardware channel partners and sell Imation's new software solutions gradually

Imation, which has been a prominent player in the hardware space of removable

data storage business, will now provide solutions to capture, manage, store and

deliver data through its IMS suite. "By branding a suite of solutions as

IMS we will offer digitization of data, workflow management solutions,

transaction processing solutions and business intelligence solutions," says

Ajit Karunakaran, Country Manager - India, Data Storage & Information



The company is presently training its existing channel partners in Singapore

to be able to provide IMS to its customers. The idea is to make this partners

who sell media and drives to sell solutions over a period of time. Imation has

already appointed Pune-based I-source as the first development and

implementation partners for IMS suite. "By year-end, we hope to appoint at

least 10 to 15 channel partners who will take up the IMS providing capabilities

into their folds. By next year the number should read 35 to 40 partners,"

added Ajit.

By branding a suite of solutions as IMS, the company also intends to push its

media and drives business along with the IMS solution. As a brand building

exercise, Imation will begin a series of technology road-shows starting in March

and covering eight cities.