Improving quality top challenge for Indian IT firms

DQC Bureau
New Update

There is an increasing focus on improving quality of IT in India. According to a research survey conducted for Mercury Interactive Corporation by the Economist Intelligence Unit, Indian respondents ranked improving quality of as their top challenge, with 73% indicating this as the most critical issue. The report identifies key challenges facing the IT team in India and the strategic focus going into 2005. 

According to the report, 58% of India-based respondents see data privacy laws as having the biggest impact amongst key compliance initiatives, but also see improved processes and quality of applications with the implementation of compliance initiatives. Benefits from outsourcing were ranked highest around securing and protecting data - 67% and improving quality of IT - 60%, while cost savings from outsourcing was ranked significantly lower.

According to the survey, the most important factor for ensuring applications to deliver business value was identified as testing for application quality and performance - 78%. "Increased complexity in the application environment balanced against consistent improvement of the quality of applications creates the need for tighter alignment between IT strategy and business results," said MD of India at Mercury, T Srinivasan. VP of Strategy at Mercury, Zohar Gilad said, "Application change and complexity, compliance and pressures for improved quality of IT are driving the change in the IT agenda for 2005," he added.