Independence Day - PM Stresses on Exports and Alternative Energy

Independence Day - PM Stresses on Exports and Alternative Energy speaking from the Red Fort on the Independence Day of India

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Alternative Energy

Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaking from the Red Fort, stressed that India should focus more on exporting rather than importing and on alternative energy forms. He gave the example of mobile phones, which he said are now being exported more than being imported into India.


PM Modi also stressed that India needed to become independent in energy resources. Hence, there is a need to stop dependence on bio-fuels and move to alternative energy resources such as Hydrogen, electric vehicles and natural energy sources. He said that India is currently spending Rs 12 Lakh crores on importing energy products. This has to stop and we must begin building our own energy sources.

Implications for the IT MSMEs

The IT MSMEs, which include the reseller community, must begin exploring different international markets and stop their dependency upon Indian markets which happen to be unstable and currently going down. This means that the IT MSMEs have to move out of traditional modes of business strategies and begin developing strategies to devise how they can export their products, services and solutions to foreign markets. They must have a robust sales and export strategy in place to achieve this.


Alternative energy is going to be the economy of the future and traditional oil and diesel based sources are going to phase out. IT MSMEs have to change their energy usage modes and begin moving to the alternative energy forms. They can begin by offloading their office and home premises on solar grids and begin travelling by E-Rickshaws and oher E-Vehicles rather than petrol and diesel driven cars. By doing this they will not only cut energy cost and use a more dependable energy source, but will also contribute towards building a clean environment.

Another strategy of IT MSMEs should be to begin selling alternative energy-based products. This can include IT products as well as other non-IT products that use alternative energy. This is a new expanding market and the IT MSMEs should explore this market for their advantage.