India chooses robots over doctors

In times where technology is rapidly growing and almost all manual work is being replaced by their digital counterparts, we won’t be surprised if robots become a vital part of our lives in the near future. They are used for all sorts of purposes – household chores, office work, used in restaurants and even for sexual pleasures. We have heard bizarre stories related to robots. In fact, people have even gotten married to them. For those who don’t know, the world now has oral sex robots too that look nothing short of kinky demigoddesses we’d love to meet in our dreams every day. But it seems that in a world filled with horny souls, there is one country that is trying to put robots to some good use i.e. saving lives. That country is none other than India where doctors will soon be replaced by robots and will perform certain surgeries. robot-surgery-300x269

Delhi’s Safdarjung hospital is already in the process of buying a robot which will reportedly cost around Rs. 18 crores. The best part, however, are not these Doctor Robots (although we are amazed). The poor too can benefit from this facility for free and the ones admitted in private wards can use this facility at a subsidized amount. According to a report published in NDTV, Anup Kumar, professor and head of the department of urology and renal transplant at Safdarjung Hospital said that robotic surgeries cost around four to five lakhs in private hospitals.

So how does it work? Surgical instruments are mounted on robotic arms which will be operated by the surgeon. “The surgeon will sit in a console which will have a screen with a 3D view of the patient’s body. His hand movements at the console will be transmitted to the robotic arms placed over patient’s body,” it was further added. According to Mr. Kumar, the entire procedure is like a laproscopic surgery. The robots will primarily be used for kidney transplants, for operating on urologic cancers which include the prostrate and bladder, and in all complex reconstructive surgeries. We are extremely proud of India for this great move, and if the concept of robotic surgeries works well, it will reduce the waiting time and there will be nothing that can stop us from achieving what we want.


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