India Emerges As Key Player In Dell’s 14G Server Design

Dell EMC’s India R&D centre has emerged as the key player to its latest and powerful, 14th generation server. The product takes scalability, automation and security to next level.

B Rudramani, head of Dell India R&D, said about 25 of the 45 software programmes in the server were done out of the Bengaluru centre, and so also the final system testing with the hardware and software combined.

The server was launched globally on 12th July 2017, and is designed to cater to the cloud and the massively compute-intensive requirements of present-day data centres, emerging from applications such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics.

“India innovation drives Dell servers for the world,” Rudramani said. The India centre, started 15 years ago, is Dell’s second biggest in its global operations. The work on the 14th generation PowerEdge server began two-and-a half years ago. Rudramani said there was an India hand in each of the major aspects of the server – scalability, automation, and security.

21096_dell-emc-wide“Engineers here were involved in the architecture, design, development, and even in getting the product out of the door,” he said. This, he said, led to a number of innovative ideas being recognized and filed as patents.

Compared to the 13th generation server, the new solution dramatically simplifies the ability to manage a multitude of servers, it brings power savings, and it increases security both at the hardware and system-level, Dell said. Manish Gupta, who leads the computer and networking group in Dell EMC India, said it reduces the cost for the same level of compute power.

He said this allows him to sell even to the mid-market, and not just enterprises. “Mid-market customers also are looking at new tech because data analytics is becoming crucial for them too,” he said.

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