Advertisment records high CIOs/CISOs & Channel Partner Registrations marks a noteworthy achievement with the enrollment of over 1000 CIOs/CISOs and a staggering 30,000+ IT Channel Partners.

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New Update records high CIOsCISOs Channel Partner Registrations records high CIOsCISOs Channel Partner Registrations, the forefront B2B digital platform, marks a noteworthy achievement with the enrollment of over 1000 CIOs/CISOs and a staggering 30,000+ IT Channel Partners. Positioned as the unparalleled digital hub that brings together all stakeholders in the ICT realm, this milestone highlights's unwavering commitment to nurturing a vibrant ecosystem for collaboration and advancement within the technology sector. The platform's success reflects its pivotal role in facilitating connections and catalyzing growth opportunities, cementing its status as an instrumental catalyst for collaboration and progress in the dynamic landscape of information and communication technology.


Transforming the industry, emerges as the sole exclusive digital platform in India, seamlessly linking IT OEMs and innovative startups with CIOs/CISOs and IT partners based on their distinct needs. Positioned as the ultimate solution for swift business augmentation and partnerships, the platform accelerates objectives that could typically take two years elsewhere, achieving them in just three months. Providing unmatched product visibility, extends its reach from top-tier CIOs/CISOs to Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs), transcending geographical constraints and making an impact even in the most remote corners of the nation. orchestrates digital campaigns through dedicated pages on its platform, employing digital marketing tools to foster connections between OEMs/Startups and IT Partners or CIOs/CISOs. Supported by a proficient backend team, the platform ensures the efficient and effective execution of these 5-day campaigns. delivers real-time campaign analytics data and customer participation insights to OEMs/Startups, enhancing transparency and facilitating informed decision-making. transcends mere connections; it enables CIOs/CISOs to transform into consultants, reshaping how expertise is shared with other corporations and SMBs. The platform facilitates a streamlined and cost-effective IT procurement process, empowering industries and CIOs/CISOs to generate Requests for Quotations (RFQs) tailored to their specific needs. With a growing database featuring over 5000 actively engaged CIOs/CISOs, serves as a holistic space for awareness, bridging businesses with cutting-edge technologies and supporting startups within the Startup category of the Government of India.

Mr. Alok Gupta, Managing Director,, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Surpassing the milestone of 1000+ Registered CIOs/CISOs and 30,000+ IT Channel Partners is a remarkable achievement for Thrilled to be pioneers shaping India's tech landscape, we provide a platform that not only fosters collaboration and innovation but is also committed to reaching new heights. We are committed to further elevating to new heights, creating an even more impactful platform for the tech ecosystem.” goes beyond being a platform; it acts as a catalyst for business prospects, promoting collaborations and ensuring the seamless navigation of the ever-evolving technology sector landscape. The platform's ongoing engagement and expansion underscore its pivotal role in shaping the future of the ICT industry in India.

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