Indiaitchannels Launches Distributors/Sub distributors Catalogue Creation is a 360 degree business portal to digitally connect OEM, Distributors/Sub distributors, Retailers, Consumers and Corporate/SMB for all their IT, Mobile or Surveillance requirements. Since its launch it has marked a strong footprint in the industry. IndiaItChannels has achieved the set milestones with more than 5000 registrations of all India partners within three months only.
Earlier, the portal had announced the B2C catalogue creation for partners followed by OEM platform to showcase their offerings. Our latest offering is the launch of B2B catalogue creation for distributors/ sub distributors. With this launch distributors can showcase their offerings to 5000+ registered partners and extend their network.
Registered partners under Distributor/ Sub distributor category have received their login-id and passwords at the  email id submitted during registration to begin catalogue creation process.
Partners already registered as B2C can shift similar offerings to B2B catalogue quickly to save time. The web link is generated automatically upon catalogue creation that can be shared with other partners.
Inventory management tool is offered on the portal without any cost. It is visible to all other registered partners to assist them in planning their order quantities to distributor. B2B catalogue page creation is simple but for the suitability of partners, a help document has been provided on the portal. The document will help the partners to comprehend the process of catalogue creation.
B2B page will allow the partners to deal with transaction of products, services and resources between businesses digitally. There is a business search option given so that dealing with other partner is easier. It will also assist the partners to enhance their business efficiency and revenues. It is expected that this model will be helpful for the distributors in every possible way for their business expansion. It is equipped with the scalable architecture and a strong user-friendly interface. Flexibility is one of the primary components of this model.
Distributors can design, customise and get creative while configuring their page on the portal.
They can also optimise their latest offers for the Product and services with powerful and easy-to-use tools.
Earlier, it was complex for the IT community to reach out to the businesses and their customers due to unavailability of means of interaction through a portal like Indiaitchannels. The portal has overcome this restriction and not only opened the ways for B2C business growth but also for B2B business growth. Now, partners can achieve their desired goals of enhanced growth and success through

Benefits of Registering
Creating B2B page on the portal offers numerous benefits to the registered partners as mentioned below:
 Distributors can register as B2B partner completely free of cost.
 Distributors get access and opportunity to associate with 5000+ pre-registered partners.
 Distributors can strengthen their online presence and enhance their business prospects with the B2B business model.
 Adapting to several complex market situations will be easier for them considering the current scenario.
 Distributors can handle and manage their own page without any interventions.
 Showcasing the latest services, products and resources offerings will be effortless.
 Distributors can manage their inventories easily through inventory management tool available on portal.
 The platform not just assists in increasing business reach but also helps Distributors with enhanced sales.
 Distributors can also associate with OEMs effortlessly through the portal.
 Complete analytics/ Reports regarding catalogue page visits can be monitored, helping converting potential leads to business.
 Detailed report on prospects/ sales is available on portal.

Through the launch of B2B catalogue creation facility the distributors now have the opportunity to boost their business by extending their network and enrolling prospective partners to work with across the country.
Alok Gupta,  MD, Unistal  & Founder, Indiaitchannels, said “We want to share our heartfelt appreciation towards the partners. We are so humbled and grateful for all their support, without which we wouldn’t be where we are today. Our endeavour is to come up with more such launches for continuous growth & development of our channel fraternity.”
Final Word has been working constantly towards making the portal more effective  and enriching to our partners. The launch of B2B catalogue creation for registered partners is yet another milestone achieved by the IndiaItChannels. Distributors can now create their B2B catalogue and manage, promote and update their offerings.
Distributors can easily connect with the other businesses and OEMs to augment the possibility of expanding their business. The platform capably is moving towards offering diverse opportunities to the IT fraternity. The endless effort and hard work can be seen from the successful launch of our B2B platform.
“Success is not final; failure is not incurable: It is the courage to sustain that Sums Up”.

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