IndiaItChannels launches ICT news app 'IIC SNIPS'

IndiaItChannels launches its latest offering IIC SNIPS, “The tech news HUB “an ICT news aggregator app focusing of showcasing industry-specific news.

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The tech news HUB

IndiaItChannels has recently launched its latest offering IIC SNIPS, "The tech news HUB" an ICT news aggregator app focusing of showcasing industry-specific news.


In current times there is a vast and extensive collection of news available on the various news portals related to information technology, mobile, security and surveillance. IIC SNIPS cuts through the noise and clutter, providing you with latest news aggregates and relevant updates to keep you abreast with the latest developments in the industry. IIC SNIPS brings all this information through one app.

Users can bookmark relevant news to view later or study and identify news based on different categories according to individual interest. Using IIC snips app you can also share important ICT related news with family, friends and peers via a third-party app like WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.

Information Technology has become an integral part of our day to day lives whether you are a consumer using smartphones to interact, connect/engage or a big organization using complex automated systems. IIC Snips is not just for techies, the content is relevant even for a non-IT related person.


“We noticed that there is a void in providing the inquisitive population with accurate and relevant IT-related information. IIC Snips fills that gap and also enlightens people with the latest developments in the field of Information technology”, said Alok Gupta.

Alok Gupta

There are massive developments, game-changing innovations and new trends in the industry on a regular basis, so if you stand still too long you will fall behind. Students and professionals alike should keep themselves updated on the latest developments happening in the country. It’s also important to recognize shifts in the market, as the recent rise of mobile applications, so you can add valuable skills to your arsenal. IIC Snips can be a valuable knowledge partner with aggregated information from all sources.