Indian Govt Launches App To Sell & Recharge FASTtag For Paying e-toll

The NHAI (National Highways Authority of India) has launched two new apps- MyFASTag and FASTag Partner through which highway users can buy FASTags (RFID cards) for electronic toll collection.

A FASTag is linked to an account where the user adds money. When the vehicle approaches the lane at a toll plaza, a sensor reads the tag attached to the front windscreen of the vehicle, deducts the fee and the gate opens. The users will be able to recharge their toll cars on the newly launched mobile app. Cars and other four-wheeler users that have inbuilt RFID installed on their vehicles by manufacturers will also be able to activate the tags through NHAI app.

The MyFASTag is a consumer app that can be downloaded for both Android and iOS. A consumer can recharge or purchase FASTtags from this app, which also helps keep track of transactions and provides for online grievance redressal. FASTag Partner is a merchant app.

Speaking on the occasion, NHAI Chairman, Deepak Kumar said, “The cumbersome method of purchase and recharge of FASTags has been one of the major challenges with the ETC project. The mobile Apps launched today will ease the process, making it possible to buy or recharge FASTags at the click of a mobile button.”

“Toll tags bought from the mobile application would be delivered within 24 hours. Users can also buy them from NHAI and bank websites and Common Services Centre (CSC) near toll plazas. The users will be able to recharge their toll cars on the newly launched mobile app,” an official explained.

The government will make all toll lanes on highways RFID-enabled by October 31, and one lane at toll gates would exclusively be reserved for FASTags from September 1. Currently, only 7 lakh vehicles have active toll tags in the country.

Indian Govt has been proactively working towards digitization of systems in all course of functioning.

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