Indian SMBs Are Leading Green IT Investors: IBM

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Following the initial hype and unending debates on the tangible and

intangible effects of going green, businesses have now finally woken up to the

benefits of green IT. Irrespective of size and nature of business, companies are

now willingly embracing green IT as a primary way to save costs and secondly to

give essence to their CSR activities. Back in January 2009, Dataquest came out

with its first green audit.


The research result was fairly encouraging with close to 69 percent of the

respondents admitting that they were aware of green IT. A recent survey by IBM

and InfoTech Research Group reveals that Indian SMBs are in fact leading

investments in green IT.

SMBs lead

The IBM study reveals that even in a very difficult economic environment,

Indian SMBs are eager to actively invest in initiatives that reduce the

environmental impact of their IT. It also highlights that controlling costs is

the most popular factor driving implementation across initiatives, and green

initiatives have a clear impact on the bottom lines of organizations. The study

is based on a survey of more than 1,000 information technology executives at

companies with between 100 and 1,000 employees across industries, and in a dozen

countries including India, the United States, Canada, France, Germany and the

United Kingdom.

The findings show that more than 55 percent of Indian companies are going to,

or have already commissioned, third-party environmental audits, purchased

emission credits, or have made improvements in their supply chain efficiency to

reduce energy consumption. Businesses around the world have discovered that

going green isn't just good for the planet; its good for their bottom line as



Hot technologies

Storage consolidation, server and desktop virtualization are key

technologies adopted by SMBs to reduce cost and consumption. The rate of server

virtualization across most regions (with an average implementation rate of 48

percent) is evidence that virtualization is undisputedly the most popular of all

green IT efforts. Almost two-thirds of all companies globally are currently, or

are planning within the next 12 months, to add virtualization technology to

their servers.

Apart from virtualization, SMBs are looking at videoconferencing and unified

communications as effective ways to bring down commuting costs. The survey found

that while 50-60 percent of Indian, Brazilian, North American and British

businesses are up and running with telecommuting and virtual conferencing

capabilities, Germany, France and to a lesser extent, the Nordic countries have

been slower to adopt these technologies. Initiatives intended to reduce travel

are clearly going to receive the highest attention from countries over the next

12 months.

Priya Kekre

Courtesy: DQ