Ingram Micro partners with Shycocan to distribute Virus Attenuation Device

Ingram Micro India announced a strategic partnership with Shycocan Corporation to distribute its Virus Attenuation Device – Shycocan.

The risk of Covid-19 transmission is the highest in indoor spaces. Offices and businesses must operate under strict safety guidelines and reduced capacity, resulting in higher operating costs and lower revenue. Shycocan aims to help revive the economy and restore normalcy by effectively neutralizing the transmission of Coronavirus and Influenza family of viruses in indoor spaces by 99.9%. as proven in multiple virology test reports from accredited laboratories.

The device is invented by an Indian scientist – Dr Rajah Vijay Kumar who holds over 30 inventions globally. It continuously produces high-intensity photons which after striking aerosols, microscopic impurities, viral particles in the air, solid surfaces and objects creates an electron cloud in an indoor space.

The electrons neutralize the positive charge of the Coronavirus, thereby disabling it from infecting a person. This virus attenuation happens both in the air as well as on surfaces and thus stops virus transmission in an enclosed space where the device is installed.

Commenting on the initiative, Sanjay Achawal, Executive Director, Consumer & Commercial, Ingram Micro India said “The partnership comes at a crucial phase in our fight against Covid-19. As India and several other countries face the threat of a second wave caused by mutant strains, we are extremely hopeful that devices like Shycocan will help control the spread of the virus regardless of mutations and future variants, restoring normalcy to our lives and economic activity sooner rather than later.”

Added Alok Sharma, Chief Executive Officer, Shycocan Corporation, “The pandemic has had a devastating effect on the world. More livelihoods than lives have been lost. We need innovations in science and technology to provide solutions that bring life & business back to normal. Shycocan is the world’s first virus attenuation device that hopes to do just that and protect us from the current and future pandemics based on mutation of this virus. And we are delighted to partner with Ingram Micro in India to help make these solutions to people and businesses in the fastest and most efficient manner.”

Shycocan is completely safe for humans, animals and the environment and does not emit any chemical, UV rays or other emissions. It has passed through the most stringent Safety and Compliance tests are classified as a CE Class I Device and conform to the regulatory requirements of several countries including the US, EU, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, South Africa, Malaysia, India and many others.

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