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Inspire-Tech Announces Partnership with RAH Infotech

Inspire-Tech announces its strategic partnership to grow its distribution reach with RAH Infotech, further expanding the company’s business into India.

In a period where digital transformations of workplaces are necessary, there is a greater need to protect organizations’ files and increase operational efficiency.

Security is Inspire-Tech’s top priority and its enterprise file share and sync platform, EasiShare, has been designed to securely manage, share, and govern sensitive files.

The CEO of Inspire-Tech, Sharon Teo says “This partnership offers significant growth opportunities for Inspire-Tech. To date, we have supported more than 500 global organizations from our offices in Asia and the Middle East.

Together with RAH Infotech, we will share our 20 years of experience with organizations in India to provide a better and safer digital workplace.”

With its intuitive and easy to use interface, EasiShare enables seamless sharing and collaboration on even the most sensitive files in a secure environment, mitigating against cyber threats and data breaches.

All files are protected with encryption, and our architecture allows controls and tracking to be embedded in the files. Available as an on-premise, cloud, or hybrid, EasiShare is built to meet the complex needs of organizations, system administrators, and users.

“We are excited to partner with Inspire-Tech. This partnership could not have come at a better time as organizations across the globe are working from home on account of Covid-19 and it has increased the need for remote sharing of documents, files, and confidential data over the network.

Inspire-Tech helps to execute this task with much ease and securely,” said Ashok Kumar, Founder & MD, RAH Infotech.

The strategic partnership will focus on government and commercial enterprises that are looking to protect their sensitive files while driving collaboration and new ways of working.

With our companies working together, we are looking to help organizations protect their sensitive files, meet compliance, and still advance towards their digital transformation goals.

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