Interaction - Akarsh Singh, CEO & Co-Founder, Tsaaro

Interaction - Akarsh Singh, CEO and Co-Founder, Tsaaro on data security technologies that are evolving for large and small enterprises

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Akarsh Singh, CEO and Co-Founder, Tsaaro talks to us about his work in data security.


What new techs are being used in data security?

Akarsh - Several new technologies are being used in data security to improve cybersecurity defences and protect sensitive data. At Tsaaro, we are always at the forefront of the latest technologies that help us provide the best solutions for our clients. Our team of privacy experts has partnered with cutting-edge tools like OneTrust, Exterro, DiveBell, BigID, that utilise the latest tech such as blockchain and IoT to fortify data security measures and help clients achieve compliance and maintain the security defences in an efficient manner. We understand that the risks associated with data breaches are ever evolving and require constant vigilance. These innovative tools help us achieve complete data security and compliance by leveraging the latest technologies.

What are the challenges in data security?


Akarsh - Challenges faced in Data Security include -

A) The risk of data breaches is increasing despite the implementation of stricter data protection regulations. Personally identifiable information is involved in 80% of breaches, costing an average of $150 per record according to Capita. Ransomware attacks are among the most feared cyber threats, and businesses must prioritize the protection of personally identifiable information to build trust with customers and create engaging digital experiences.

B) Compliance with data privacy regulations such as the GDPR, CCPA and UAE's Personal Data Protection Law is crucial for companies to collect, store, and use personally identifiable information (PII) ethically. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in hefty fines, warnings, reprimands, or even a ban on processing personal data. GDPR fines, for example, can reach up to 20 million euros or 4% of the company's global annual turnover.


C) Insider threats pose a significant challenge to data security as employees, contractors, and insiders can cause data breaches by unintentionally or intentionally leaking sensitive information. CA Technologies survey reveals that 90% of organizations feel vulnerable to insider attacks.

D) As more businesses move their data to the cloud, securing that data becomes increasingly challenging. A survey by the Cloud Security Alliance found that 71% of respondents cited data breaches as their primary cloud security concern. With cloud computing, data is stored in systems outside the traditional perimeter and can flow freely everywhere, making it difficult to ensure data security. Therefore, organizations need to implement a data-centric security strategy that prioritizes their most sensitive information to protect it from potential breaches.

How have you grown since inception? What was your revenue growth % in the last 1 year? What is the geographical expanse of your clientele across India?


Akarsh - We focus on not compromising on the quality of services we provide to each and every client of ours. Our strength lies in assessing Privacy and Security risks, monitoring threats, and safeguarding applications against breaches. We aim to accelerate cybersecurity adaptability with practical & workable cost-effective solutions. Our revenue growth since the last one year has been 200% <2x>.

Our growth since our inception: We have over 100+ Projects completed, 60+ Clients across 7 Jurisdictions including USA, Netherland, India etc. Within India, we have expanded from Bangalore to Delhi, Gurugram and Pune and have strong client presence in cities like Hyderabad, Mumbai as well.

We grew from providing 10+ services around Data Protection to 20+ Services as of today, and our team grew from 20+ Privacy Experts to over 150+ Privacy & Security Experts. We also were able to expand our clientele among the few are Vodafone, Dubai World Trade Centre, Tata Steel, Titan, Milestone Technologies, Vistara Airlines, Kotak Bank, and Flipkart, to name a few, and they have a global presence.


How do you strategize to reach more clients?

Akarsh - Tsaaro has also taken a pragmatic approach to provide their clients with practical and workable solutions, as well as support them to deal with a wide range of security and privacy-related challenges and also help them to navigate the legal and regulatory complexities of data protection regulations. The quality of work and our constant effort to stay ahead of the market in terms of implementation and suggesting best approach is what we believe sets us apart and helps our clients achieve compliance without compromising on business.

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