Interaction - Anurag Vijayvergia, Co-Founder & CPO, Lio

Interaction - Anurag Vijayvergia, Co-Founder & CPO, Lio about his mobile app software offering company and its business in Indonesia

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Anurag Vijayvergia, Co-Founder & CPO, Lio drives product direction and manages development of his mobile app company. Here he talks to us about his work.


What has been the response from the Indian market about the smartphone-based data management software?

We have grown rapidly ever since it was launched in November 2020. The product was incepted as a simple tabulation app that offered an easy alternative to Google Excel but later transformed into a feature-rich library of pre-defined templates. We have witnessed significant adoption and have crossed a million downloads mark within eight months of inception. Currently, we have over 300,000 active users.

How is this compared to the Indonesian market?


In July 2021, Lio, in its international foray, was launched in Indonesia. The country is a large and Android-first market with a substantial small business base. The launch is at a pilot stage where Lio has crossed 20,000 downloads and is scaling rapidly.

As an Indian software business expanding to Indonesia, what are the challenges you face in Indonesia? How do you resolve these challenges?

The challenges we face are primarily with the language. However, Lio offers Bahasa Indonesia as one of the languages, which is mitigated. The product is self-serve and equally usable in Indonesia because financial bookkeeping is similar. We have a dedicated customer support team too. All in all, the app is available in ten Indian languages, besides the native Indonesian language.


What are the facilities that Indian SaaS companies get to expand to the Indonesian market?

There has been a lot of interest in the South East Asian/ Indonesian market for Indian SaaS companies as these are also large similar sized economies and several Indian companies have had success there. There isn’t specifically any “facilities” that Indian SaaS companies get, but one thing that definitely aids is the information network of what works and growth strategies from the pioneers in this space. Typically, most SaaS startups do not rely on any govt facilities to expand and the advantages typically come from talent/ knowledge of growth strategies.

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