Interaction - Ashish Kumbhat, Founder & Director, Inbase

Interaction - Ashish Kumbhat, Founder & Director, Inbase on his manufacturing and marketing strategies of his accessories products

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Inbase is an Indian power bank company that is moving its manufacturing to India in a few months time. Ashish Kumbhat, Founder & Director, Inbase, talks to us. 


What is the evolving landscape of power banks technology today?

Ashish - Power banks always have its market share and is more a smart accessories coming up in the industry, the evolution and demand for power banks will only increase in the future due to high demand in smartphone. By understanding the Indian market with deep study and observation, we have built an amazing portfolio of power banks in our brand.

How much of your power banks are made in India and what components are imported if any?


Ashish - Currently, we are manufacturing outside India due to operational restrictions. But being an Indian brand, we already took the initiative by setting up our manufacturing units in certain states of India. It is just a matter of few months when we will start production of power banks from India itself.

How do you meet the stiff competition from MNCs in the power banks sector?

Ashish - Yes, we do have huge competition with many MNCs in terms of product quality, durability, production capacity and other factors but we override them in two aspects: innovative design and pricing. Because the MNCs brands are more focused on having celebrity as their brand ambassadors and have huge revenue to spend on advertisement and marketing which make them to sell their product at higher rates. As a brand, we are also very conscious on promotional aspects but the brand has reached the state where it is today due to word of mouth. This helps us deliver innovative product at an affordable cost.

What is the geographical spread of your power banks, in India and abroad if any?

Ashish - We have our brand products present globally. In India, we have partnered with almost all major LFRs like Reliance Digital, Croma, Pai International, Poorvika, Sangeeta Mobiles etc. We are exporting our products majorly to certain states of US and Canada, France, UK, Caribbean Island, Australia, Sri Lanka, UAE etc.