Interaction - Ashok Rajpal, Managing Director, Ambrane India

Interaction Ashok Rajpal, Managing Director, Ambrane India on the growing market of cables in India because of the dynamics

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Ambrane makes cables and other hardware products as a Make in India company. Ashok Rajpal, MD, Ambrane India talks to us about his cable business in 2021. He talks about the new variety of cables that are in popular demand now as well as the dynamics of this growing market in India.


How was the cable business of Ambrane in 2021? 

The mobile accessories market has been on a steady rise due to the substantial growth in the adoption of smartphones and electronic devices. The mobile accessories market include – Covers, Cables, memory cards and audio devices. The USB Cable Business has always been booming, even before the pandemic. People have now started moving to braided Cable because of its durability and long life against the traditional wear and tear of the wire. The cable business for Ambrane has been much better than last year because of the braided cables, and we anticipate this to grow stronger.

How did it compare to the cable business in 2020? 


As mentioned above, the USB Cable SKU business of Ambrane has seen good growth compared to 2020. The key reason is the overall growth in electronics manufacturing in the country. More and more electronic gadgets mean more use of Cables. We even see strong traction from the Domestic manufacturers. In the past few years, the application of USB Cables has been varied, rather than just charging mobile phones.

What features in cables were in maximum demand from the customers in 2021? 

USB Cables are no longer used only to charge mobile phones; it is across various applications. Be it Power Bank, transferring data and more. While buying, customers generally look for the durability, fast data transfer rate, cable length and total number of bends as that defines the life cycle of the Cable.

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