Interaction – Asokan Sattanathan, Founder, aahaa Technologies

Omnichannel technologies have been growing fast to help the retail achieve their business growth by digitising their business. Asokan Sattanathan, Founder & Chairman, aaha Technologies, talks about the advantages of omnichannel ordering platforms for the retailers in this interaction. This interaction is helpful for the retail partners to go online and benefit from this technology.

Describe the technology behind an omnichannel ordering platform

SMEs are able to sell their products on multiple channels through our portal DigiSell. Our clients could even remain connected with their customers across multiple touchpoints including, e-commerce, digital payments and social media. With our single order processing system, a company can sell through web portal, mobile and even WhatsApp.

The effortless on-boarding only requires the sellers’ contact details and store name to sign up to the platform for free. After activating the store, they can start selling online by creating a catalogue. Also, there is no requirement of manual validation on contract prices.
DigiSell takes care of mundane tasks that a sales/operations team does on validating a purchase order by receiving orders online. The data of all the clients and customers is encrypted using FIPS-140-2 standard encryption algorithm.

What are the challenges to implement the omnichannel technologies?

There are challenges that we face regularly while we implement technology such as, unavailability of customer data across different channels to strategically analyse and plan campaigns accordingly. Inconsistent and incomplete product information or description across shopping platforms. Maintaining a consistent end-customer experience. Inability to identify genuine customers across e-retail platforms. No ecosystem to optimize online and offline integration for a trustworthy omnichannel experience.

What is the percentage of SME growth in the omnichannel technologies segment in the last 1 year?

As of February 2020, it is estimated that there are 42.5 million SMEs in India right now (source: Economic Times) and among these, 43% use various Internet platforms to sell and promote themselves.

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