Interaction - Chetana Chaudhari, CTO, Shivaami Cloud Services

Interactio - Chetana Chaudhari, CTO, Shivaami Cloud Services on the evolving Cloud techs and their various dimensions

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Chetana Chaudhari, CTO, Shivaami Cloud Services talks to us about her work.


How are the Cloud techs evolving in current times?

Chetana - Over the past couple of decades, the realm of Cloud Computing has experienced a pervasive embrace, owing to a plethora of cutting-edge services that enhance the optimization of time utilization and the management intricacies, complemented by a myriad of integrated enhancements. The swift pace of adoption harmonizes with the ceaseless metamorphosis observed within the Cloud computing domain.

Significantly, Generative AI and Serverless computing have undergone a rapid evolution, spearheading breakthrough advancements. Notably, the assimilation of Generative AI unveils the potential to curtail human intervention across diverse tasks, thus propelling a surge in automation and heightened efficiency.


Are there any specific requirements of these Cloud techs?

Chetana - The remarkable aspect of the evolution of these services lies in the inherent versatility they offer, enabling thin devices and endpoints to seamlessly operate across various environments, contingent upon reliable internet connectivity. Notably, a surge has been observed in the emergence of client devices equipped with lightweight operating systems, marking the onset of an era characterised by endpoints with minimal specifications. While this transformation may have flown under the radar, its profound impact on the world is poised to be experienced imminently.

What Cloud techs are most in demand for small to large Integrations?


Chetana - Every business possesses its own unique characteristics, accompanied by a distinctive set of supplementary and complementary requirements. As the digital epoch continues its rapid advancement, not only within its own domain but also permeating other industries, the need for expeditious Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) has transformed from a privileged bonus to an essential prerequisite. Concurrently, paramount importance is placed upon system design principles that align remotely with the revered 12 factor app principles.

While it is challenging to pinpoint a singularly coveted Cloud Technology, what emerges is a multitude of organizations spanning diverse scales that embrace these frameworks and principles. Observably, the adoption of DevOps practices and its associated technologies assumes a pivotal role in this landscape.

What are the challenges in your work and how do you resolve them?


Chetana - While Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) diligently strive to enhance their respective capabilities and address inherent limitations, the realm of open standards advocacy and interoperability remains largely unexplored. Insufficient interoperability hampers the seamless customisation of solutions across diverse platforms, thereby hindering the optimal utilisation of their strengths.

The pursuit of a customised environment tailored to individual needs, while upholding the equitable utilization of open source software, has somewhat mitigated this persistent challenge. However, it is important to note that complete eradication of this issue remains elusive.

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