Interaction - Jayanth Jain, CEO, GM Modular

Interaction - Jayanth Jain, CEO, GM Modular on the intelligent technology in accessories i the tech industry

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Jayanth Jain, CEO, GM Modular talks about intelligent technology in switches and other devices.


How is the intelligent technology in your segment evolving?

Jayanth Jain - Voice command integration has emerged as a crucial improvement in intelligent technology in our market. It enables users to operate numerous functions and devices with voice commands, making the experience more smooth and hands-free. Another area where technology in our industry is expanding is touch operation. Touchscreens and touch-sensitive controls are becoming more intuitive and responsive, allowing users to navigate through many functions and settings with a simple swipe or tap of their fingertips. Emerging developments include hand gesture control and wifi-enabled wireless technologies controlled by a smart phone. Hand gesture control adds a new level of simplicity by allowing users to interact with devices with simple hand movements, while wifi enabled wireless technology allows for smooth connectivity and control via smartphones, improving the overall user experience.

What has been revenue growth % in the last 1 year?


Jayanth Jain - In the last year, GM Modular’s revenue has increased by an estimated 20%. This expansion can be due to a variety of factors, including broadening market reach, launching innovative products and effectively meeting client requests. To keep ahead of the competition, we intend to continue this growth trajectory by focusing on growing our distribution network, investing in research & development and constantly upgrading our product offerings. In addition, we are looking into chances to enter new areas and increase our global customer base.

What are your plans for investment in R&D?

Jayanth Jain - Two manufacturing units in Hyderabad will contribute to our manufacturing expansion. In addition, we are constantly seeking collaborations with research institutions  to further our R&D capabilities. Our goal is to constantly innovate and develop cutting-edge products that fulfil our clients' changing needs. Furthermore, a sizable investment in R&D is important in this industry since it stimulates new improvements and keeps us ahead of the competition. We can boost the quality and efficiency of our products by investing in R&D, as well as develop new features and designs to meet changing market demands. This will not only increase our industry position, but will also ensure consumer happiness and loyalty.


What's your go to market strategy?

Jayanth Jain - Our go-to-market strategy is an integrated marketing method to connect with the target population. We use a mix of classic advertising channels like television and print media, as well as digital marketing strategies like social media and web advertising. This enables us to reach our target demographic through many touchpoints and ensure optimum brand presence. In addition, we work with influencers and industry experts to generate buzz and word-of-mouth marketing for our products. We also anticipate using data analytics and market research to continuously modify and optimise our marketing strategy. We can adapt our messaging and targeting to better resonate with our target audience by monitoring consumer behaviour and preferences.

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