Interaction - Rajesh Mattoo, Proprietor, Global Computers India, New Delhi

Interaction - Rajesh Mattoo, Proprietor, Global Computers India, New Delhi on the prospects of server and networking business

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Rajesh Mattoo, Proprietor, Global Computers India is a server and networking professional. Here he talks about the business prospects of servers and networking.


What is the future of servers and networking? 

Rajesh Mattoo - We expect to see more enhancements of Servers-Storage density with advanced network acceleration technology. The future for Servers is great because the technology is going to next level, The Servers as we were assuming earlier was source of storage, but there is a big change in the next level, now the servers are bundled more with the software technology which gives more access to data handling. In the recent times OEMs are spending lot of time and money on software based solutions in servers. In short Servers are going to be different in the future Network functions virtualisation and software-defined networking will play increasingly large roles the future of networking,

How is the business growth of servers and networking in 2022-2023?


Rajesh Mattoo - There is huge growth of serves in networking because the demand has increased because of the ongoing Hybrid environment, everything is digital and network based, high performance servers are required and networking is going to play the major role

What are the challenges faced by you in this field? How do you resolve these challenges?

Rajesh Mattoo - Due to the cyber security issues, many want to go for the cloud based solutions and does not have in-house servers, challenges are there but we need to educate the users, giving them proper solutions and you can grab good deals because we need to explain them that since data is import you need in-house servers to keep data safe. 


What are the new opportunities in servers and networking?

Rajesh Mattoo - There are huge opportunities in both serves and networking. In current times everything is going hybrid, Post-Covid, every corporate is having both the options offline and online. Networking is going to play major role in future and with software based solutions of server. We have tremendous business opportunity and growth.

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