Interaction - Russell Chen, Manager, Sales, Synology India

Interaction - Russell Chen, Manager, Sales, Synology India on the business and issues related to storing data

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Russell Chen, Manager, Sales, Synology India talks about the business of data storage and the issues involved


How is the technology of data storage evolving, especially for datacentres?

Russell Chen - The technology of data storage is certainly undergoing significant evolution, particularly within the field of datacenters. Network Attached Storage (NAS) plays a crucial role in this transformation, and Synology, as a leading NAS provider, is at the forefront of this development.

From our observation, in the ever-evolving tech landscape, the development of AI model trainging, edge computing and Content Delivery Networks (CDN) development demands substantial, high-quality data. This trend has elevated the importance of on-premise storage, becoming the cornerstone for these innovations. Robust on-premise storage solution now serves as a foundational infrastructure, seamlessly storing and facilitating the flow of massive datasets. On-premise storage ensures proximity to the computational resources, reducing data transfer latency. This is particularly crucial for AI models, where rapid access to vast datasets is essential for efficient training. In edge computing and CDN, on-premise storage minimizes reliance on external networks. This optimisation is pivotal for reducing bandwidth usage, enhancing the overall efficiency and responsiveness of these systems.

Following are some of the aspects in this field -

Increased Capacity and Scalability - Datacentres are experiencing a surge in data volumes, driven by factors such as the growth of digital content, IoT devices and big data applications. NAS solutions are evolving to offer higher capacity drives and scalable architectures, for instance, our 60-bay 4U rackmount server-HD6500, enabling data centers to effectively manage and scale their storage infrastructure to meet growing demands.


Performance Enhancement - With the rise of high-performance computing and data-intensive applications, there is a constant need for improved storage performance. Synology NAS systems such as our all-flash station FS6400 are incorporating advanced technologies such as dedicated RAID technology and optimised file systems to deliver faster data access and reduced latency, ensuring that datacentres can efficiently handle demanding workloads.

Data Security and Integrity - As the importance of data security continues to grow, data centers are seeking robust solutions to ensure the integrity and protection of their stored data. Synology NAS devices come equipped with features such as RAID configurations, encryption, and advanced data protection mechanisms such as Hyper Backup and Snapshot Replication, addressing the evolving security needs of modern data centers.

Integration with Cloud Services - Hybrid and multi-cloud strategies are becoming prevalent in the IT landscape. Synology NAS solutions are evolving to seamlessly integrate with all prevalent cloud services, facilitating data mobility and providing data centers with the flexibility to leverage both on-premises and cloud-based storage resources.


How effective are the security solutions for datacentres, especially as ever-new threats evolve which are ahead of the solutions?

Russell Chen - In the realm of data centers, the prevalent utilisation of storage solutions, predominantly caters to immediate storage needs or "hot data." However, the imperative for comprehensive data protection demands an efficient and safe archiving and backup solution for their cold data.

We offer cost-effective solutions specifically designed to safeguard the backup needs of datacentres. Our archiving and backup solutions seamlessly integrate with the virtual machines (VMs) and storage servers that are already entrenched in their infrastructure. This ensures a harmonious compatibility that not only meets but exceeds the data protection requirements of modern data centers.

How do events focused on datacentre products sensitise the channel partners? What is the strength of your partner network across India and what is your strategy to expand this network?


We recognise the significance of these solution-focused events in fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing within the channel partner ecosystem.

Solution Awareness - Synology provides a range of solutions that are dedicated to solve the IT challenges faced by businesses under the ever-evolving technology landscape. This helps channel partners gain in-depth knowledge about Synology's solutions, features, and how they align with the evolving needs of the industries.

Collecting feedback and industrial insight - Aside from providing a conducive environment for channel partners to connect with industry experts, prospective customers, and other partners, Synology leverages the opportunity to collect valuable industrial insights, understand market trends, and gather feedback. These events allow us to foster a collaborative ecosystem with businesses and to further enhance product and solution based on the industry needs.

Support and Solution Education - Recognising the inherent complexity of deployment requirements for different industries, Synology is committed to providing pre-sales technical support and solution education to our channel partners. This dedicated support aims to instill confidence in our partners, empowering them to effectively promote our solutions.

Regarding the strength of the partner network across India and strategies for expansion -

Current Strength - Synology takes pride in its existing partner network across major cities across India, comprising knowledgeable and responsive local partners who understand the intricacies of storage solutions. We also worked with our System Integrator to build a dedicated experience centre. The strength lies in the commitment and expertise of these partners in delivering effective solutions to customers.

Expansion Strategy - Recognising the immense potential within the market, Synology has prepared a strategic plan to further deepen our partner network. This initiative entails organizing a series of events and comprehensive training sessions aimed at fortifying our partners' understanding of our solutions and value propositions. Moreover, we actively support our partners in their expansion efforts through MDF programs and the establishment of experience centers, strategically designed to captivate potential end-users

What do you see as the most pressing challenges and opportunities for businesses in managing and safeguarding their data in today's ever-changing data landscape?

Russell Chen - In today's dynamic data landscape, businesses face both challenges and opportunities in managing and safeguarding their data.

The most pressing challenges include the exponential growth of data, ensuring data privacy and compliance with regulations, and defending against evolving cyber threats. The opportunities lie in leveraging advanced technologies like artificial intelligence for enhanced data analytics, adopting robust cloud-based solutions for scalable storage, and implementing proactive cybersecurity measures to fortify data protection.

Balancing these challenges and opportunities is crucial for businesses to navigate the evolving data landscape successfully.

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